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<font face="cursive" color="orange">Welcome to this salty corner of randomness

A bIt Of InFoRmAtIoN aBoUt Me:

Name: Sebastian Alistair Garrick
Birthday: April 4th
Age: 16 (can change in rp's)
Sexuality: Straight (figuring out actually)
Status: Single (:
Personality: I guess kind, caring, a little shy, fun etc...
Appearance: Short blond hair, blue eyes, muscular body type, pale skin
(my best friend watched this series and she told me I look a lot like the actor so that's why he's my fc)

❂ Likes ❂
☞ Nature
☞ Christmassss
☞ Horror movies
☞ Working out
☞ Books (yes I'm one of these people who still read in 2018)
☞ Music
☞ Eminem

✹ Dislikes ✹
☞ Rude people
☞ Bullies
☞ Homophobes and all kinds of racists
☞ Liars

⍻ Do's and don'ts ⍻

✓ Do: ✓
☞ Be kind
☞ Be happy
☞ Treat everyone well ;)
☞ Be happy
☞ Be you
☞ Enjoy life

✗ Don't: ✗
☞ Touch my hair
☞ Be rude
☞ Offend people
☞ Be a racist
☞ Bully

♨ Pictures ♨

☃ I'm early, don't judge. ☃

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas."

"Everywhere you go."

"There's a tree in the Grand Hotel, one in the park as well."


⌲ Bye ⌲

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