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“welcome to hell. i'm your tour guide to eternal peace."


english name: madrid park
birth name: ch'ae hyo-jin
birthday: 6/03
gender: female
sexuality: polyamorous queer folk
status: no
appearance: ever-changing black hair, brown doe eyes, rounded face, lithe figure
personality: y e e t
thoughts on lucifer smith: mine ♥️


“every day may not be good, but there’s good in every day.”

{ B A C K S T O R Y }

{ t r i g g e r w a r n i n g }

Madrid's unpleasant origins are mostly unknown, other than a few basic facts. Born June third, 1996 on the outer edges of Seoul, Korea, the girl grew up in a pretty average household. Not much was known about her parents, other than their apparent suicide in 2005.

For years, the girl moved from foster home to foster home, where she was assulted on multiple occasions and abused daily. As a result, multiple scars litter her body, the most severe being one that runs halfway down her thigh. The woman was also left with PTSD, anxiety, and bipolar disorder, which induced bullying at school.

When Madrid turned legal age, she was quick to move to the States and learn English, creating a life filled with dancing and music. While in the US, the woman was admitted multiple times to hospitals for passing out due to overworking herself or due to extreme anxiety attacks. There, she received treatment, her anxiety and mood swings slowly going away. After a nasty anxiety attack, she met and fell in love with Chelsea, a receptionist at the studio where she danced. The two soon started dating, moving in after a month of cuddle-filled afternoons. One night, after a few too many drinks on Chelsea's part, it was revealed that Chelsea had been cheating on Madrid with one of her closest friends, ultimately forcing the woman to come back to Korea.

Madrid, deciding for a new start, decided on settling down in the heart of Seoul. There, she worked on being happy again, taking multiple trips around Korea and to Jeju Island. The girl also took frequent trips to Japan, falling in love with the sunsets and cherry blossoms that blessed the islands. In Japan, she met a new friend, by the name of Charlie. Charlie was a worker in Japan's growing hoe murderer industry, and she ended up saving his ass a couple times.

After returning from a trip to Japan, the woman moved to Jeju for six months, spending multiple evenings wandering the beach or sitting out on the porch and watching the sun set over the ocean. All too soon for her liking, she moved back to Seoul, this time settling in Gangnam, in a small apartment near the edge of the Han River.

Today, she spends most of her time wandering Gangnam and Seoul, frequenting a coffee shop near her apartment. At times, particularly when she works too much, she will fall back into her anxiety, and end up having multiple anxiety attacks.


{ L I K E S }

○ sunrises
○ sunsets
○ coffee
○ the feeling of being in love
○ the beach
○ mint
○ jazz music
○ forests
○ looking up at the stars
○ chico, her pet bird
○ writing
○ poetry
○ makeup/fashion/earrings

{ D I S L I K E S }

○ the feeling of betrayal
○ thunderstorms
○ being alone late at night
○ fake friends
○ justin bieber
○ eddie's spellcheck


{ R I D E O R D I E W I T H }

○ Lucifer Smith also known as my honey dearest
○ Ivanna Elliot also known as the best person ever
○ Thelma also known as my non biological sister
○ Eddie boi also known as grandpa eddie
○ Poppy also known as my baby girl
○ Amira Diable (Teavan) also known as the coolest Brit ever
○ Ashley Besson also known as no u
○ Tessaline also known as a complete psycho
○ Opalescent also known as psycho part two
○ Myself also known as the best


{ N I C K N A M E S }

○ Spain
○ Rory
○ Maddie
○ Love
○ momee


{ R U L E S }
~All of my RPs are open unless it says otherwise
~Good grammar
~2-3 ish sentences as responses
~No god-modding
~Stick to the time period. For example: If it says 'set in 1805' then guess what? It's set in 1805


{ F A C E C L A I M: son hwa min }

she's just so pretty !!!


"you know, you can just kindly, how to say this politely? fuck off."


You call me delusional
I call myself sane
You say I'm dysfunctional
I say I'm operational

You call me odd
I say I'm unique
My mind may be eccentric
Overly exaggerative at times yes that may be true
Though if I'm mad then why not you?

There is no absolute sanity
Though there is insanity

Am I delusional or am I just imaginative
Are there really voices in my head or just thoughts echoing about my mind?
No I don't mean to speak in such a vague manner
But then I don't speak in any manner itself in particular
Don't you understand?

Oh my I see you look at me as I were from some other planet
Well your not wrong
I am quite different but me, odd?
Please I'd say you were as well

Weirdness is simply acceptance that we can make our imagination known in anyway possible

Now you say that that alone is a mad mans words but I say that is a wise man's words spoken from an individual whose mind rests in the midst of insanity

Yes I have much to share amongst this idea of your so called 'weirdness'
Shall I venture out farther?
No I see your confused already
Well let me end this topic with a quick view

You say I'm level headed
I saw I'm quite average
You say I'm quite ordinary
I say I'm extraordinary
You say I speak the common language
I say I'm fluent among many


{ C H L O E R I D E R }


{ and now a section dedicated to all the lovely aesthetic photos i have found }


{ A B I T M O R E I N F O }
note: not everything listen below is one hundred percent accurate. I did not make this, thus, much of what is written does not line up with what i have already come up with.

for more information on Madrid and Son Hwa Min:


for more photos of Madrid/Son Hwa Min:


note: this is basically Madrid's Instagram. please do not bother the admin, seeing as this isn't really me running this account



{ A N O T E T O M Y L O V E R }

October 20, 2018


Oh my god. Here I am. Writing another letter to proclaim my undying love for you. (Anna wants me to ruin my aesthetic, so let's do this.)

We met over a year ago. Best friends automatically. You and I were little dweebs, in love with Liza Koshy, and unfortunately, the Paul brothers. Now, we have grown out of that phase, even though we still love Liza. You have dealt with me so much, and I honestly would of killed myself if I were you and had to deal with my shit. You call me slow, but I'm really just dumb. You're too nice, that's probably why we are in this position.

We also will never fail to have conversations that make me cry, including but not limited to:
- your friends thinking you watch porn now, all because of a vine I sent you
- whether sex in a church would be a threesome with Jesus
- why I know how to hide a dead body
- I hate don't you
- and of course, the shitting unicorn.

I hope that you understand what I'm trying to say now, because I really don't know what I'm saying. Peace out brotha.


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