Grace Granger


My best friend.Harvey.A girl and a boy CAN be just best friends,and we're living proof of that. Hes just the most amazing bff in the world.

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Grace.Grace Granger! I like to study,and dance,and sing,and draw,and write storys,and-IM RAMBLING!!!!!
sorry!i like to read a lot,its my favourite passtime!

Eyes:Blue,really pale
Peircings:regular ear peircing, double lobe peircings
Sibings:2 brothers
Star sign:Scorpio
Favourite songs:R U Crazy, In My Blood, Sweet But Psycho, Hoodie, Counting Stars, S.L.U.T, Little Do You Know
Favourite colours:Purple,Black,Red,Gold
Pets:1 fish,5 cats, 12 chickens
Favourite HP characters:Ginny,Hermione,Harry,Ron,Luna,Neville!
Favourite Fantastic Beasts characters:Tina,Newt,Queenie,Jacob,Credence
Favourite Hp Movie:Deathly Hallows 1 & 2
Favourite HP Book:Order of the Pheonix
Favourite Diagon Alley Shop:Weasley's Wizards Wheezes
Favourite Hogsmeade Shop:Honeydukes
Favourite Hogwarts subject:Transfiguration
Favourite REAL subject:English
Friends(the names ARE used in my book.):Sorcha,Stephanie,Paul,Shauna,Jill
Best friend for life(again in my book):Harvey
Most recomended outfit:Hoodie and Leggings.(do it,its comfy!)
Favourite food:Mac'n'Cheese
Favourite snack:Sour cream and chive Pringles
Favourite Drink:Cream Soda
Places been that are HP related:Harry Potter Set Studio Tour,London
Favourite animal:Cat(any type,Big or Small!)
Boggart:Dememtor(like Harry,the thing i fear most is fear itself)
HP items owned:all books/movies,Hermione's wand,Luna,Harry and Hermione POP figures,Golden Snitch Heliball,Time turner necklace,all house Headbands,Two chocolate frog cards,A bunch of HP shirts,Hp 2019 Calendar,and a talking Sorting Hat.
I only have one peice of advice:Read.Becuase reading is the best thing you can do,becuase it takes you to another world.
Reading helped me through a tough time in my life(Moving away and the horrible reasons)
In fact,when i took my last look at my house,i had my book in my hand,turned away,and read my book as i got into the car.i didnt even cry becuase of that book.I promise,if you read,you'll feel better.

Grace Granger

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