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//this is a work in progress !

i. basics (ie. name, age, gender, house)

ii. history (ie. where she was born, friends)

iii. roleplaying (ie. rules, hp things, characters)

iv. aesthetics (ie. playlist, pictures, gifs)

<center> i. </center>

<center>❝did you hear? jane crystal is in town ! ❞</center>
(sixteen. female. ravenclaw. bisexual. single. brunette. silvery-blue eyes. bookworm. golden blood.)

<center>❝this might not be as boring as i thought it'd be.❞</center>

<center> ii. </center>

People had very much of an opinion on Jane Crystal, the strange, quiet, beauty, who appeared only during the winter holidays. Of course, these opinions were quite, excuse my language, stupid . All those who were acquaintanced with Jane would know, that though strange, the sixteen-year-old was far from quiet. She was a loud, lively girl, who demanded attention without so much of a word, and she did get the attention she sought, for no one could not give it to her.

Most of her time spent in Whispering Hills was in the very heart of the city, the location of a small bookstore, which only sold boring old books about witches and warlocks. Those books that most in the town thought were boring was what Jane indulged her self in, laughing at the ridiculous things muggles thought magical beings were like. "I mean really, warty noses?" She would often say this to her friends after the break, and they would just smile knowingly at her.

Never would she understand what their smiles meant, did they think it as ridiculous as her, but preferred not to dwell into it? Or perhaps they thought this was one of the many strange qualities about her that they'd need to change, she wasn't sure. Whatever it meant, she didn't care about, for whenever she was at Hogwarts, she was curious only about its secrets.

Often, one would find her curled up in the library reading "Hogwarts; A History" or exploring the corridors in search of mysteries and answers to her questions.

Over the summer, however, it would not be Hogwarts she'd be interested about, it'd be Camp Half-Blood. Her being a daughter of Athena was why many thought she started at the architecture of the camp, and they, surprisingly, were quite correct. Though her fear of spiders was less extreme than her siblings, her love for books and architecture were not.

-birthday // date of birth; may fifth, two-thousand-one.
-current whereabouts; whispering hills
-place of birth; unknown to her
-greece & marine & anna

<center> iii. </center>

rules !

a) be literate- meaning being able to give more than one sentence in the roleplay, using proper grammar, being able to help the plot move forward, not using asterisk etc.

b) do not god-mode (meaning make sure your character has flaws and isn't able to solve every situation using magic or brute force, make them struggle a bit.)

c) do not, and i repeat, do not control my character (meaning do not make me do anything, even if it is to get the plot moving, i can do that on my own.)

•dolphin ((patronus))
•silver butterfly ((animagus))
•made of ash wood and a phoenix feather core, with hard flexibility and thirteen ¾" in length. ((wand))
•horned serpent ((ilvermorny house))

//error !

<center> iv. <center>

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