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Hey There, My Name is Allie Stone and I was born on the 30th October, One day before the holiday that became my favourite day of the year. Yes that is right Halloween. I grew up in a muggle family that loved Halloween, so i grew up loving it as well.

This Muggle family I am talking about, is not my real family. I only found this out when I first went to Hogwarts. I got told by Professor McGonogall That my parents where killed in the second battle of Hogwarts and and I got sent to live with muggles. My parents were not well known but they where still very good at magic. My Parents where Emma and Adam Stone. I was only two when they died, but I still have a picture of them on my bedroom nightstand.

My First year of Hogwarts, was my first year of freedom. When I was living with the muggles I got made to do chores my my step-sister went with my 'mum' and 'dad' to the zoo or the cinema.
Lucky for me I got a letter from Hogwarts, I didn't get this letter until a wizard came through my front door when my 'mum' and 'dad' were out and took me to diagon alley and then the train that took me to the castle of Hogwarts its self. I was so exited to be finally going to a place where I can be safe and make friends.

When we got there we got on boats and headed towards the castle. After a while on the boats we got into the castle. It was the sorting ceremony, There was a couple of students before me, two sorted into Slytherin and 4 in Hufflepuff. When my name got called, I walked up and sat on the stool. The sorting hat was placed on my head, I was a hat stall. It was between Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. But after five minutes it finally chose Ravenclaw. The Ravenclaw table cheered loudly, I got greeted by a really nice 2nd year.
My first went really fast, I didn't make any friends so I was usually alone. I got bullied a lot but i didn't tell anyone about it. I was dreading going back to the muggles and there daughter. I hated her, her name was Ariana Feather. She was a spoiled brat. All she did was make me do her homework and chores. I got told by the one friend I made, to stick up to them. She told me the story of Harry Potter and I found interesting and very inspirational. I decided to write a letter to him at the end of the year, telling him that I am living a life like he did. The girl that told me about him, became my best friend.

I didn't realise until I got a letter back from Harry that the girl I was talking to was actually his daughter, Lily Luna Potter. She never told me her last name and I didn't hear it at the sorting ceremony at the start of the year.
Anyway Harry Said he would love to meet me and he asked if he wanted to come and stay for the last two weeks of the summer, obviously I agreed. The day I was leaving for his house came quickly. The night before I packed all my things and sent a letter to harry saying that I am ready to leave for his house in the morning.

The next morning I took my things down stairs, and left them at the bottom of the stairs. When I went into the kitchen I made myself some toast and ate it quickly. I went to get my stuff, and leave but My Muggle parents stopped me when they were coming down the stairs. Ariana not far behind them.
'Where do you think you are going?' My 'mum' Said
'I am going to stay with my best friends family for the rest of the summer' I say, giving them all a death stare
'And why are you doing that' My 'Dad' Said 'You are meant to be our maid'
'Because you are not my real parents and I don't want to do you dirty work'
'Yes you are our daughter, where do you get that Idea' My 'Dad' Says
'I got told by one of my teachers at school, my real parents are Emma and Adam Stone'
'Ugh Fine, But you are doing everything when you get back here'
'WHAT, Why does she get to stay with her friends and I don't' Ariana Says
'Because I am better then you' I say, walking out the door to get the bus

When I arrive, I knock on The Potters door and Harry answers. Lily races to the door 'ALLIE' She says giving me a giant hug.
'So this is Allie?' Harry Says
'Yes Dad, this is Allie, her parents where fighting in the battle of Hogwarts' Lily says
'And who may that be?' He asks
'My parents where Emma and Adam Stone' I say, smiling
'Ah yes, They died didn't they?' He asks Again
'Ye, I got sent to live with a muggle family'
'Ah, You said in your letter' harry Says 'Come in, you look cold'

Those last weeks of Summer where the best weeks ever. We played so many games and Even went to Beach. I loved it.
I am going back for My second year at Hogwarts soon and I am so exited. Me and Lily are going to have so much fun. Harry even said, I could stay with them, during Christmas and the summer if I really didn't want to go back to the muggle family.

This small piece of writing says, My character is in 2nd year, but I will role play in any other years.

<font size= 5> ROLEPLAY RULES </size>

<font size=4>No God modding /size>
<font size=4>No Asterisks</size>
<font size=4>NO Marry sue [I do Romantic Just No marry sue]</size>
<font size=4>At least two sentence Replies</size>

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