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Emma Evans used to be one of the bravest people you could meet. She was daring and always up to a challenge. Once her parents passed and she was accepted into the wizarding world however she became a very different person.

Emma is a muggle born and hufflepuff. She had sat with the sorting hat upon for what seemed like forever while it decided between gryffindor and hufflepuff. You'd be surprised to hear this, as her personality is definitely one of a hufflepuff. It's seems as if she wouldn't have the hat on her head for more than a mere second. She's a very shy first year and spends most her time alone.

The few times she's not reading, with her few friends or in class, she enjoys painting and listening to music using her CD player and earbuds. She makes sure to stay away from Slytherins, the only students that really bother her. Her favorite classes are astronomy and Herbology. She finds finds muggles studies quite funny. In particular she hate potions Which she takes with the house she hates most, Slytherin.

Physically she is fit. She has crystal blue eyes with swirls of gray and light blonde hair at tailbone length and long lashes that kissed her skin as she closed her eyes. Her hair is always let down and occasionally holds a braid or two. Her smile is rare and often shy. She was incredibly beautiful but had no idea. In fact she thinks the opposite. She often hides herself behind a hood she sewed onto her robes.

Miscellaneous details:

Full name: Emma Abigail Evans
Height: 5'6"ish
Relationship Status: (has always been) Single
Sexuality: Straight
Likes: Skateboarding, nature, the beach, reading, music, painting, coffee, Herbology, astronomy.
Dislikes: loneliness, lies, bullies, potions ECT.
"Em"~ Close friends
Birthday: September 26
Favorite Food: Twizzlers, chocolates, and pumpkin pastries

Pear wood with a Phoenix feather core 13 ½" and Slightly Yielding flexibility

Patronus- Thestral:
Thestrals get a bad reputation as unlucky omens, probably due to their spooky appearance and association with death. ... This makes the Thestral an intimidating and powerful Patronus. Fiercely loyal, powerful, strong, filled with energy, Brave, Fearless, and beautiful, and misunderstood. She understands death and its significance.

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