A Wanderer

I'm now a judge in the Triwizard tournament! I'm so happy to be here at Hogwarts for the time being!

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Whisper had never known about the wizarding world before she got her Hogwarts letter. She longed dearly for something different than living with her cruel and abusive aunt. Whisper took the train to Hogwarts and instantly loved the castle. She was sorted into Ravenclaw (though she wasn't quite sure what that was at the time) and commenced learning all about magic. Her favorite subjects are Charms and DADA, but she also loves to read in the library in her spare time. Whisper travels all around the world now that her magical education is finished, as an emissary for the Minister of Magic. She loves to see new places and is full of wanderlust, never satisfied with where she is.
Name: Whisper (I don't know my last name)
Blood: ???
Sexuality: Bi
House: Ravenclaw
Year: Graduated
Personality: Whisper is quiet, and is generally regarded as shy. She is usually suspicious of people and things she doesn't know, but is trying to be better about that. She can never manage to stay in one place for longer than a year, and has an extreme case of Wanderlust.
Wand: Rosewood with a unicorn hair core, 12 inches, quite supple
Patronus: Fox
Boggart: Being trapped, appears in the form of a wooden box that slowly grows smaller while the girl inside screams
Likes: The smell of pine needles, listening to the rain, strawberries, the stars, pineapple soda, flying
Hates: Being trapped, small spaces, being alone, darkness
Appearance: Whisper is taller with long wavy red-gold hair and intelligent green eyes hidden behind large circular glasses. Her face is covered with freckles, and she has a long scar going from the side of her right cheek to her collarbone.

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