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I am a magical creature that just want a friends. Some creatures are beautiful and some of them are dangerous, but i am the last powerful creature in the world and i am beautiful, but not dangers to all of you, so that means i need protect myself. my life was in danger because my mum and dad are dead because they were protect me from the killers. They want to kill me because i have the powerful magic in the word and if someone kill me then the power go to that person. My magic power is to control air, water, people, planets and whole galaxies. So you know now if i go outside my life is in danger. And i forgot to say what was my mum and dad okay so my mum angel and my dad was a neko (cat human). there were powerful too, but not that much. My mum magic was air, people and galaxies, my dad magic was control water and planets. My family are dead i told you that my mum and dad was powerful, but they don't like to kill people so they just protect me and my last word was "hide my sweetheart and don't come out until he will be gone" i did what my mum say i hide i was waiting and waiting and i cried by myself in the closet and after couple of hours his gone and i was walking to my mum and dad and the blood was everywhere and i cant remember what i did after. couple years later i have still a nightmares about my family. I was looking for someone who kill my parents. 10 years later i found him and i didn't know that i can turned into the creature, the most powerful in the world. i found him and i killed him and i was looking into his eye and i was feeling guilty, but i was happy that i killed him. After some time i was 24 and i know everything about myself and my whole story and why everyone what too kill me and i always need to hide. My life is in danger 24/7 and i can't sleep for my whole life. I can protect my self and i have a friend that is helping me too if you want to be his friend he will help you and his name is absol12344 he is a great curse breaker and he have ability to control water and darkness. He is my friend for my entire life and i happy that i make one friend because for me is hard to make friend because everyone want to kill me and have my powers and to control the whole world, but i doing everything to being killed by the people and i good and hiding so is hard to find me!. The only person that can find me when i hiding my self id who loves me in the whole heart so they will see me and no one else. That's how i survived the attack to my parents. I hate my life! I don't know if i should ended today or to wait until i died.
Thank you for reading my entire background of my life!, I really hope that i will make friend not enemies like i have everyday.
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