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A first year student!!!

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✼ I've loved you too long and hard to stop now ✼
Hey there! Lylath here, though you can call me whatever you'd like! I am sort of a shy person, so I won't be really posting around much, but I realllyy am excited to go to Hogwarts!!! I've been placed in Ravenclaw for my smart streak, and in Thunderbird on the Ilvermorny Quiz in Pottermore! I may seem awkward, but I love making friends- though I'm not always sure how to make some.
If you're wondering, I'm 13 years of age, turning 19 in a month :) Oh, and I'm a girl!!!
Some of my nicknames include Lyla and Lath, and you can make some more for me if you'd like!!!
Oh, and for my on!

On December 12th 2017, Lylath Nermone was finally declared a witch! She had gotten her letter quite late, though, so she had no choice but to wait until September the next year. In her spare time, she worked endless hours studying magic that seemed pointless, though mostly concentrated on the spells which she seemed necessary: a few healing spells, a summoning charm, and a levitating charm. She became quite skilled at Oculomency, though after having no one to practice on, her skill began to waste away. Once she arrived at Hogwarts, she was the biggest kid in her year. She sat nervously underneath the Sorting Hat as it debated weather she should be placed in either Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw. She wasn't read sure how it worked, but she thought real hard about going into the house that would benefit her the most, and, violá, she was placed in Ravenclaw!

(Please talk to me if you need me!!!)
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