Diana Rashley


  • Joined August 2018
  • Member of Ravenclaw
  • 29 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • United States


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Her older sister, Elizabeth, was killed by a death eater the first time Voldomort got in power. Diana never knew her sister in person but she admired her so much based on what other people said about her. “ The only thing I have left is this picture” said Diana

Diana wishes to become a teacher someday and helps to spread knowledge. She wants to teach Defense Against Dark Art at Hogwarts.

The sorting hat took a while to decide which house Diana should be in to. According to the hat, Diana was clever as a Ravenclaw, courageous as a Griffindor, ambitious a Slytherin and loyal as A Hufflepuff. She hoped to be sorted in Ravenclaw like her sister and the rest of her family.

Rashley’s family go far back and are pure-bloods who are mostly sorted in Ravenclaw.

Diana doesn’t care what gender she falls in love with and she hates titles. As she once said “
<font color=#ff0000>I</font> <font color=#f3230b>f</font><font color=#ed3411>a</font><font color=#e74617>l</font><font color=#e1571d>l</font> <font color=#d57729>i</font><font color=#cf872f>n</font> <font color=#c3a33b>l</font><font color=#bdb141>o</font><font color=#b7bd47>v</font><font color=#b1c84d>e</font> <font color=#a6dc58>w</font><font color=#a0e55e>i</font><font color=#9aec64>t</font><font color=#94f26a>h</font> <font color=#88fb76>a</font> <font color=#7cfe82>p</font><font color=#76fe88>e</font><font color=#70fd8e>r</font><font color=#6afb94>s</font><font color=#64f79a>o</font><font color=#5ef2a0>n</font> <font color=#53e5ab>n</font><font color=#4dddb1>o</font><font color=#47d3b7>t</font> <font color=#3bbdc3>t</font><font color=#35b1c9>h</font><font color=#2fa4cf>e</font> <font color=#2387db>g</font><font color=#1d78e1>e</font><font color=#1768e7>n</font><font color=#1157ed>d</font><font color=#0b46f3>e</font><font color=#0535f9>r</font> “. She hasn’t found the love of her life yet, but she’s not giving up

Adopted Pets: Nina (Nogtail)
Backstory: Not much is kown about Nina, she was found at a Muggle Farm suckling on a Pig there and was thankfully rescued before anyone noticed and was brought here to us. She is really curious about everything and tends to often get in the way due to wanting to know what you are doing all the time. She is not problem to look after and seems to be able to get the point of not being wanted rather quickly if you just move her out of the way she will happily sit next to you.

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