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I am a cunning and intelligent Ravenclaw! I was sorted into my house because the sorting hat said I had the smarts for it, some of it also had to do with my family who were all Ravenclaws. The sorting hat didn't take very long to sort me, it knew who my family members were and I told it that I wanted to be a Ravenclaw so it knew to put me into the Ravenclaw house. My favorite class is charms, I am really good at charms and I like the spells that you get to learn in charms. My least favorite class is Astronomy, I don't really enjoy having to study the stars up close and it's not my best class. I also do very well in Herbology but it isn't my favorite class of all time.I am a half-blood, my mother is a witch and my father is a muggle but I take pride in having a witch for a mother and a muggle for a father. My blood status doesn't affect my life to much, some people make fun of me for having a muggle father but I don't let their harsh words get to me. My greatest strength is my intelligence, I am able to pick up on spells very quickly and that will help me if I ever need to defend myself. My greatest weakness is my trust, I have a hard time being able to let my guard down and let other people into my life.After I finish school I plan on becoming a healer so that I can help others. I think the most interesting part of magic is how people are able to create new spells and potions... how does it work!? I want to use magic to help others which is why I want to be a healer so that I can heal other people.What I really want is to be able to trust people easier, I have trouble staying in a relationship with a friend or significant other because I am never able to trust them. I have a pet snowy owl named Hazel, she means everything to me and is my best friend. Hazel is a very loyal owl and never leaves my side. Moving on to my family life, I live in a small village with my mother, father, and two older sisters. That's pretty much all there is to me... or at least all I'm willing to share.
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