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~Always be kind~

~Waiting for when the leaves crunch under my feet~

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<font face=Caveat><font color=Orange>Halloween

<font color=orange>Personality:
Kind, sometimes sarcastic, wants to bring happiness to the world

<font color=black>Favorite stuff:
Song: Symphony by Clean Bandit and Zara Larsson
TV show: Modern Family
Color: mustard yellow
Weather: Pouring rain with wind
YouTubers: Laurdiy and Wassabi (plz get married)
Books: Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Camp Confidential, We are the Ants
Place I've been irl: Alaska, Universal Studios FL, more to come!
Movies: The Greatest Showman, Lemonade Mouth, Harry Potter, Hidden Figures, Hairspray, Pitch Perfect
Holiday: Christmas, I love the season and the feeling of Christmas time.
Piece of jewelry: white and gold bracelet, gold and white were my old dog's colors
Ride at Universal Studios: the Incredible Hulk Coaster
Eye color: Bright blue
Vine: Give me all your f**king money!
More to come!

<font color=purple>Friends:
•Anna (Xynia)

<font color=grey>Extras:
Sexuality: Straight
Biggest Flaw: Self centered? I have learned that I like to talk about myself, and I don't know how to stop doing this. Please help...
Song I relate to: Dear No One by Tori Kelly
Birthday: January 27th
Wand: Spruce wood with a Phoenix feather core, 10 3/4" and flexibility
Patronus/Animagus: Deerhound
Greatest fear: losing someone I love/losing a loved one or friend to suicide/tornados
Interests: Human rights, equality, helping others, sociology, tornados etc.
Dislikes: being liked to, inequality, people who curse a TON (Like 5 times every sentence), frauds, disloyalty, gossipers
Biggest pet peeve: bad grammar

I am very intrigued and interested by tornados but am also terrified of them, hate/love relationship

<font color=orange>THEORIES:
Harry Potter:
The students who were 7th years during the Battle at Hogwarts went back to Hogwarts as 8th years so they could take their N.E.W.T.s

Maybe, JUST MAYBE, Alex might propose on Lauren's birthday!! The last surprise!! Never know.. it could happen!!

<font color=purple>Hope you enjoyed the show - NO REFUNDS

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