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Hi! I'm Madeline Estella Brooks!
A proud Gryffindor!
I have three sisters, but they're all in different houses, Katelyn- who's in Hufflepuff, Alexandra- who's in Ravenclaw and Jessica- who's in Slytherin. I'm 12 years old (don't judge) my favorite subject so far is charms, but i'm really looking forward to Care of Magical Creatures for my third year. My favorite colors are mint green and rose blush. I have five pets (even though that's not allowed) icy- a wolf pup, Jasper- my dog, Twilight, my owl, Addison- My cat and Jessie- my other dog. the reason to why i love animals so much, is because i myself am what is called a multi-animagus, meaning, i can shape shift into any magical creature, animal, beast i desire! pretty cool if i do say so myself. I am actually a book worm and i like to study a lot, but that's me! I love my life here at Hogwarts so far and cant wait to continue! (also I'm willing to be friends with anyone)

lots of Love

I wish to work in a magical creatures cooperation. in this cooperation we work together as a team to go around the world and; discover new species or branches of magical creatures, take in or find magical creatures and heal them, train them up and give them away to proper owners, so that you don't have a pet Hippogriph biting your head off, and lastly we lend them out to people who want to show the creatures in their class, people who need them for a special occasion, heck we even lend them to people hosting the triwizard tournament. Now you may be wondering what kind of creatures we take a look at, well I can answer that question... any creature! We range from cats and dogs with wings to Dragons, Hippogriphs and unicorns! point is every animal is special and important. I first fell in love with animals and creatures when i found a wounded wolf pup in the woods next to its dead mother. i took her in and made healing potions, enchantments and gave her a home. right now shes my best friend and i wouldn't have changed anything even if i had the choice.

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