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Name: Georgia Celine Vector
Age: 17
Born: October 31st, England
Parents: Celine and Harold Vector.
Nicknames,: Georgie, Short Stuff, Little One, Half Pint
Relationship Status: Single
Blood Status: Half Blood
Pets: A Snowy owl, Medusa
Wand: 8 Inches, Dragon HeartString, Yes
Patronus: Giraffe
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Hobbies and Interests: Reading, Writing and singing. Although I am not very good at the latter.
Favourite things:
Smell: Petrichor, otherwise known as the smell of dust after rain.
Colour: Purple
Food: Seafood
I was born into a family that was really loving and caring. My dad was a wizard and in the House of Ravenclaw whilst he was at Hogwarts. Ahead my mother was a muggle that my dad met whilst on holiday in France and they fell in love.


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Medusa is my pet snowy owl and was gifted to me by my parents on my first visit to Diagon Alley. She is the most adorable little thing and really affectionate and caring, even if sometimes she can be known to nip me a little too hard. She is never silent and always seems to be making some form of noise and is often heard long before she is seen. She is extremely loyal and always seems to be reluctant to leave me when I ask her to send me a letter, usually it results in me bribing her with either a handful of owl pellets or a promise that I will pay her a lot of attention upon her return. I have never known her to get violent of pick any fights with another owl. She is always willing to help out anyone that needs it, just make sure you have something to make it worth her while.
One thing about her that I am not to fond about is that she seems to think that I enjoy the gifts of dead mice that she brings to me almost every time that I see her, yet other than that I safely say that Medusa is the most amazing bird and I love her to bits.

Name: Pixie
Species: Civet
Gender: Female
Age: 3 years
Backstory: Pixie had been brought to us after she had been found, trapped in a box. People had been keeping her in the small box so that they could use the musk that she produced to create perfume. She hadn't been fed very well and was very afraid of humans at first. After a while she began to trust humans but she can still be a little timid and she prefers the company of other animals. Whoever adopts this adorable little Civet will need to give her love and be patient with her and preferably have another animal for her to play with.
Likes: Being with other animals
Dislikes: Being picked up

Name: Aquamarine
Species: Hippocampus
Age: 2 Years
Gender: Female
Backstory: Aquamarine was found a tank that was far to small for her and was left without food and barely any water to swim around in. She was rather thin and in bad shape. Bit with some love and care she is back to herself.
Likes: Swimming and being talked to
Dislikes: Being ignored

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Out of Character information:
Name: Georgia Mercedes Forsyth (Nee Foxx) Yes I am married now. I still can't believe it.
Date of Birth: 31st October
Family: I have two brothers and a sister, my older brother, Declan lives with me, my sister, Katherine, is the oldest and she is married and lives in Spain. My younger brother and sister, Oscar and Courtney are twins and they still live at home with my dad and stepmother.
My mum passed away 3 years ago. RIP MUM
Favourite things: Reading, History, Mythology, Harry Potter, Pokémon and Disney
Favourite Film: Labyrinth
Favourite Disney Film: Either Beauty and the Beast (both cartoon and live.action) or Alice in Wonderland (both cartoon and live action)
Favourite Colour: Purple and Yellow
Favourite Animal: Rhinoceros
I am currently studying English Literature and History at University
I really love writing and tend to get obsessed with TV shows and then have to think over my life when they come to an end.
I have a huge phobia of Ants and Snakes to the point where I feel sick, yes I have to hide behind a cushion when I watch Nagini in HP and can't watch the end of Chamber of Secrets. Due to the Basilisk.

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