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You had has an amazing childhood. You grew up in a magical village off the coast of El Salvador. It was a island, lush with meadows and surrounded by beaches, ocean and people. That was your favourite part about the Island of Cole. The people. You are an extremely likeable and gravitational person and everyone who knew you, adored you.

When you were eight, you found something, hidden behind the jagged rocks of a rock-pool. A creature, glistening white in colour with a smooth, flawless exterior of skin. It reminded you of the skin of the dolphins that swam around the beaches. However, it resembled the shape of a whale and it had big, purple eyes which quite literally sparkled in the sun. They were looking at you wearily from its confined place in the pool; trapped until the tide came to collect it again. It was a baby. Of what, you did not know. To this day you still don't know.
All you knew at that point, was to save it, for what looked like it's ribs were poking out at all angles and its big circular tail was droopy and thin. Somehow, you saved that creature, released it back into the ocean and never expected to see it again. Until it returned the following day - except it was twelve feet long and bigger than any animal you'd ever seen.
You called it Jem.
Jem was your best friend, as lonely as it sounds. You had plenty of human friends, but to you, Jem was just better. Your older sister called you crazy, but admired him with you and you let her, - Bianca - swim beside you when you rode him. He didn't let anyone touch him but you. Your younger sister Violet was equally as thrilled - and your parents for that part. They were the best things in your life. They taught you everything you know and taught you magic from an incredibly young age. Nothing went bad for you. Ever. And when you got your Hogwarts letter two years after your sister did, you were ready for a new adventure.

But were you really?

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