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| Name | Peralia Golden Periwinkle
| Age | Small, young, not that old, 16
| House | Yellow, sun, dandelions, happiness, Hufflepuff
| Faction | Pretty, sunny, green, yellow, amazing, Amity ^-^
| Trial Score | Almost perfect, good enough, amazing, 1499

| Eyes | Blue, grey, periwinkle, unique, Hazel (With golden and pink flecks scattered around) Twinkling.
| Hair | Not that long, small, puny, tiny, Short. Light, dark, mix of all colours, messy, Brown.
| Lips | Fruity, pink, soft, small, Watermelon. Smiling.
| Stature | Small, tiny, cute, Flat. Thin.

| Extro or Intro | Loud, annoying, obnoxious, Extroverted (:
| Smile or frown | Beam, grin, smirk, Smile
| Up or down | Up, up, up, Up
| Sun or moon | Shine, bright, friendly, Sun

| Colour | Pastel Yellow!
| Movie | Sorry, I prefer books!
| Book | It would probably be either Legend, Divergent, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Hunger Games, or Selection!
| Person | Not sure! Probably you, dear reader, for spending your time reading my awful backstory!
| Letter | X!!!
| Word | Xynite

Hope you have a great day! Be sure to smilee! (:
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