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I write books in the Hogwarts Library this will change daily my first book is A HARRY POTTER BOOK darkness,and my second is Freeze hope you read both.

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I was sorted into Gryffindor.The sorting hat sorted me into Gryffindor because I am brave.It did take a long time for the hat to choose very long like Harry.I really like defense against the dark arts and I hated Herbology.I did well in history of magic but I really hate it.I'm a half blood {I took the test}My blood status affects me because most pure-bloods want the Harry Potter side and they insult me for that.I was in the Usa when Voldemort rose to power and yes i'm not afraid in saying his name.My greatest strength is to battle.My greatest weakness is studying.I want to be a Auror when i'm done with school.The boggarts are the most fascinating.I want to use magic to help other people and my friends.I want my very own broom {i'm a 1st year.I have a pet who's a owl.}.I have a pet her name is tanteyareya her nickname is tan she is well-behaved. My family plays Quidditch and are all part of the same Quidditch team but I want to be a Auror I still like Quidditch though.There was a disagreement about be being a Auror after Hogwarts they act friendly and they act mean if anyone insults them,their friends,or their family.I'm making stories in the Hogwarts library so please read them.

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