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Name: Meron
Fifth year
Blood status: Muggle-born
Wand: Aspen, 11", dragon heartstring core
Pet: a stray cat he adopted, named Mina
Relationship status: taken
john rotten's #1 fanboy
Likes: drawing, chocolate-scented candles, history, chains, bright red eyeshadow, reading

His mother is a Muggle archaeologist and his father is a Classics college professor. They taught their son Classical greek and Latin since he was young. They lived in Athens until his father got a job offer in London when Meron was 10, so they moved. Meron soon got his Hogwarts invitation letter.
Due to his knowledge in Latin, Meron quickly adapted to learning spells and his favourite subjects became Charms and History of Magic.
In his third year his best friend became a very cute Hufflepuff, and they started dating in fourth year.

He followed his father's path when it came to music, an his favorite band is the Sex Pistols. hen out of school, he isn't afraid to dress in the punk style, but in school he tries to keep the image his professors have of him.

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