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My name is Taylor Croft! I was sorted into Hufflepuff, because I always value people feeling included and equal. It took the Sorting Hat only a few seconds to decide whether I belonged in Slytherin (as I have a tendency to do whatever I need to in order to accomplish my goals) but it was very sure of its decision! I am most excited about learning Herbology and Care of Magical Creatures, as I'm definitely happiest outside and especially with animals. I will admit that I'm not super excited to take Astronomy, considering how I've never been very interested in space. Growing up a muggleborn, I had no idea that the wizarding world even existed until I was 18. Apparently He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named destroyed the Ministry of Magic's records of muggleborn witches and wizards, so those of us who were born in that time period didn't recieve our admission to Hogwarts until very late. I'm sure it's going to be difficult trying to catch up, but I'm so glad i still get the chance to learn! Many ask me what my greatest strength is, and I would have to say that it's my resiliance. No matter how many times I get knocked down I refuse to stay down. Alternatively, my greatest weakness is my tendency to get overwhelmed easily. When I graduate, I hope to work for the Ministry of Magic in the Beast, Being, and Spirit department. To me, the most fascinating area of magic has got to be Transfiguring, or changing something from one thing to another - such as turning a cup of coffee into a loaf of bread! It's absolutely amazing, and I can't wait to learn how to do it! I absolutely want to learn magic to help other people and to contribute to society, but I won't lie and say I don't plan to use magic to help myself along as well. If I'm being truly honest with myself, I just want to be happy, whatever that entails. I don't have any pets, and that's a point of severe contention in my family, so we don't talk about that. Let's just say that I'll enjoy my time at Hogwarts much more than my time at home.
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