Rylai Riddle


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History and Sorting
Rylai was born to a pure-blood family - her mother a pure-blood metamorphmagus and her father simply a pure-blood wizard - who valued their intelligence over everything else, pure Ravenclaws to the end. In her family line, every little action, every appearance, every word meant was meant to be perfectly executed and perfectly finished. She learned quick to look beyond the cover of a person. Her parents were the extreme of the family tree and she was punished for stepping a toe out of line. When she was nine years old, she ran away during a party her family was hosting. She found refuge on the Night Bus and, later, at the Leaky Cauldron. With stolen money from her family, she paid to live in one of the rooms for a handful of nights before the manager caught on. They brokered a deal: she works at the Leaky Cauldron in exchange for free housing. So far, she has loved it and is always a welcome sight to the travelers who show up - always eager to hear stories of a new place.
Her parents sent her a Howler once she had been sorted into Slytherin (Hogwarts had not known she had ran away), shouting up the Great Hall for all to hear - ignoring that her Sorting was their fault entirely. She took on the qualities of a Slytherin out of necessity. She was required to read others, be clever and cunning in a way that surpassed even Ravenclaw’s standards in order to avoid being imperfect. Every action she made was scrutinized and she learned quick how to find the right way to act to not set off her parents and others around. When she ran away, she used that ambition and other qualities she taught herself growing up to live on the streets. She became a Slytherin out of necessity and she would not have it any other way.

Wand and Pet:
Rylai's wand is holly wood with a dragon heart-string core, 10” and supple flexibility.
Her pet is a small snowy owl with bright blue eyes named Nebula and a stray kitten with fluffy black fur and bright green eyes.

Year One:
For her first year, Rylai comes across as rather shy and withdrawn - especially wary of Ravenclaws. She does not like physical contact very much which has been a healing issue her Hufflepuff friend has aided her with. She also has two best friends in Gryffindor and Ravenclaw who she considers her closest allies. She is very intelligent and enjoys learning - especially anything regarding dueling or the unknown. She rather dislikes Herbology, but ranks top of her class in Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Potions. She gets along best with the ghosts and the House Elves and thoroughly enjoys listening to their stories which is rare for someone her age. Unfortunately for the school, she is extremely close to Peeves who aids her whenever he can with pranks and mischief. Most of her time is spent in Detention, but she does not seem to mind. Whenever she wants to be alone, she can generally be found in the Owlery.
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