★ Sydney Anderson ★

Is an Idiot

Please leave your Shoes at the door. ★ Proud Muggle-Born ★ Hurt any of my friends I hurt you ★

  • Joined July 2018
  • Member of Hufflepuff
  • 16 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • United Kingdom


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Hello Everyone I am Sydney and welcome to my wall. You will learn a lot about me, The Goddess of Lavender.

First Name: Sydney
Middle Name; Grace
Last Name: Anderson
House: Hufflepuff
Hight: 5'2
Blood-Status: Muggle-born
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship: Single


✨ Pets✨
Midnight: a Black Cat
Lava: Phoenix
Neptune: Galaxy Cat
Marts: Galaxy Cat


Me When I was 9 -

Me When I was 11 -

Me Now [15] -

✨ Hobbies ✨
Reading | Writing | Drawing | Roleplaying | Swimming | Cycling | CLimbing Trees | Walking through old paths in the woods | Climbing the rocks [Down the beach]


Patronus: Otter
Wand: 8 and a half inches, Holly wood, Phoenix Feather Core, Surprisingly Flexible

✨ Family✨
Mother: Megan Anderson
Father: Ryan Anderson
Step-Dad: Noah Park
Older Sister: Rylee Anderson
Older Sister: Kiki Anderson
Step Brother: Liam Park


Star Sign: Leo
Birthday: 3rd August
Age: ( Depends on RP ) 15
Year: ( Depends on RP ) 3rd


✨ Favourite Things✨

Colour: Lavender
Animal; Panda
Author: Michael Morpurgo
Book: My Friends Walter
Food: Fish and Chips
Drink: Water
Film: Swallows and Amazons
Musical: The Greatest Showman
TV Show: The Great British Bake off
Band/Singer: Alice Cooper + More
Song: School's Out [Alice Cooper]


✨ Appearance✨

Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Freckles?: A few
Skin Tone: Very Pale


✨ Nicknames✨

=Certain People=

Syd - Mother, Father and Rhianna
Gracie [Middle Name Reference] - Siblings and Close Friends


Grace [Middle Name]


✨ Backstory✨

Sydney's Parents and siblings were all muggles and from a young age she got blamed for weird things happening around the house. Being the youngest in a family of muggles was hard because they didn't know anything about magic, they didn't know anything about the wizarding world. Sydney had read a lot of books about wizards but didn't know that some people in her own town where wizards.
Sydney was born in Russia and moved to the United Kingdom when she was eight, her time in Russia was just as weird, as her time in the UK. She made things fly across her bedroom, and when her parents came into her room to see what all the noise was about. When they walked in there were books, toys and all kinds of stuff flying around.
When Sydney got her letter when she was eleven it was lunch time and Sydney was sitting at the table eating a sandwich were a lovely snowy owl flew into the house through an open window and landed gracefully on the table. Sydney took the letter of the owl's leg and read it, she knew it wizards and witches were real. She went through to the living room to tell her mother and her step dad about the letter. At first they didn't believe her but once she showed them the letter they were so excited. Luckily they needed to go into london so Sydney's siblings could get school supplies, so while Sydney's step dad took them into london, her mum took her to Diagon Alley to get her stuff. It was amazing, Sydney had always dreamed of going to a place full of Wizards. Her favourite part was getting her wand from Me. Ollivander.
Once they got back to there house Sydney put all her stuff into her case, her cat midnight was sitting on her bed when she got in. Sydney didn't want to leave her alone in the house so she decided she would bring her with her to Hogwarts.
The day she left for the train was the day that her sisters would be leaving for school as well so they didn't get to wave her off, but before they left for school they each gave Sydney a hug and a picture of them so she wouldn't get to home sick.
Sydney's first year at Hogwarts was full of adventures and making new friends she was so exited to see the min her second year at Hogwarts.


✨ Outfits ✨

~Normal Outfits~











~School Outfit~


{RP Rules}

No Godmodding
No **
If it Says One person and someone has already replied to not reply
Good Grammer
Please use speech marks
Longish answers
I mainly roleplay in third person, you can RP any way you want to but please do not change in the middle of the roleplay.

- If you break any of these rules i will not reply to the roleplay
P.S I do, do HP Roleplays but I prefer Muggle with a bit of magic.
P.S.S If you want to Rp with me Owl me or post on my wall


✨ Friend Wall✨

[Pet Info, Other Rp Characters and Friend wall coming soon]

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