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My name is Eden. I am an angel fallen from heaven, according to Christian beliefs, but I have since then abandoned the idea of religion, as I was cast from "heaven" due to some... issues... with God. To clarify, I'm not straight, but non-binary. This is apparently considered a sin because I have and would date someone of my same gender, except for the fact that I don't consider myself to have a gender. I guess, I sinned because I was in love with another angel of the same gender I was "born with." I am happy yet sad to say that she is still safe in heave, where I cannot be with her. Now that all of the sappy "feel bad for me, I was wronged" shit, let me get to some lighter things, such as how I look and stuff like that. As you know, my name is Eden and I am a fallen angel (I find my name ironic). I have very short hair, shaved on one side with wavy jet black hair down to my jawline on the other side, dyed neon green on the tips. I have dark grey eyes, practically black. I, on average, wear something involving tight black leather pants, black mid-shin combat boots, a dark grey, long sleeve jumper with some tears in it with a thick, black cloak over it, falling to my feet with a heavy hood to conceal my face when need be. That is, when I'm not around muggles, in which case I will wear a studded leather jacket instead. My goal is to look the part of my title, so I have quite a... dark look about me. I have gaudges and one industrial piercing and a sternum, as well as a sleeve of tattoos on both arms. I forgot to mention, I decided to get my wings amputated because... well... I wanted to forget every last thing about that place I used to be. As for my personality, my biggest interests include listening and playing music, reading and writing books, sketching, and causing havoc with my wand to scare the muggles. Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention, I never spent a full year at Hogwarts, I actually never went to school at all, but with the new laws and all, I was able to find my house being a Slytherin and getting a wand. It may or may not have been from a sketchy dude in an alley, but a wand is a wand...
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