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Welcome to my Wall of Weird! I would love to do some RP's or anything with you guys! Join my Selection Competition group!

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*No Godmodding
*More than two sentences unless I do one sentence.
*Romance is aloud but we are not dating unless you ask me out.
*No Romance unless we agree before hand
*You can curse but not too much! If you aren't comfortable with cursing please tell me beforehand.
*You must tell me where/when we are RPing if you ask me to RP. Choices: Golden Trio Era, Before Golden Trio, After Golden Trio but at Hogwarts, Modern normal day RP(In this, anything that is currently going on with me will be going on. Such as relationships.), Other

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Name: Krissy Lianna Miles

Age: Whatever it calls for in RP

House- Hufflepuff

Blood Status: Half Blood

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Sexuality- Bi

Status: This Bitch is Taken!

Marnie Elizabeth, Jackson Fox, and Madilyn Emeline (Triplets)

Marnie Elizabeth-

Jackson Fox-

Madilyn Emeline-

My Little Godson Romeo!

My sweet goddaughter Victoria-
<a href="https://ibb.co/k2CQQ8c">

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Kris- Everyone who is my friend
Chip- Outlaws
Step-mom- Marnie
Ris- Greenie (Willow)
(I want more give me moooooore)

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Animagus form- Stallion

Hanging with Friends

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Fc: Laura Osnes

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Angel- Heyy! We are fast friends but we definetly had a great connection! I’m so glad to call you my friend!!

Amy! Hey, I just wanna say you have been such a light in my life. You are such a fun great person and I so care about you!

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Other fandoms-
The Selection
The Hunger Games
The Red Queen
Once Upon a Time

I own a Selection/Harry Potter roleplay! Please join!

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I hope you all have a lovely day! I am always here! Post on my wall or owl me whenever! Lets roleplay (;

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