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Hello!!! I'm a pureblood, which doesn't really matter to me but I love Hogwarts so much, its like my second home! I grew up knowing I was a witch because my whole family was witches and wizards. I was the first born in my family in March, my mom (who was a Ravenclaw) and my dad (who was a Slytherin) got divorced when I was two years old. Two years later my mom got married to a Gryffindor she knew at hogwarts who is now my step dad, they had four kids my brother, who is four years younger than me, and then they had triplets who are all seven years younger then me. We are also a foster family and we are going to adopt these four children, three boys and one girl. My dad is getting married finally to a lady that went to Ilvermorny and all her kids go there too, i'm now going to have two older brothers and three more younger brothers, the oldest starting at 17 and the youngest starting at 4.

I've lived next to Ron and Hermione Weasley my whole life, they moved to the burrow and made there neighborhood a wizarding community, which is where I live. I've made good friends with Rose (There daughter). The day I got my hogwarts letter, I was eleven years old, Our family owl named Jupiter flew in through our window and handed me the letter, I got so excited I called all my family members telling them I got in.

Once I left I met my friends one by one, I first met my friend named Rees on the Hogwarts express and then my friend Louis sat with us a bit later. Then I met the girls in my dormitories, Bella, Farrah, Brookell, Nicole, Ashlynn and Melody, they were all pretty nice! I met Rebekah, Aubrey (hufflepuffs) Calvin (ravenclaw) then later met Hayden and Jessica (gryffindors) and there was a girl named Emmry and another named Rachael who were Slytherins and me and one of the slytherins became enemies. Shes bullied me and my friends for quite a while... But we've learned all the spells to keep her away!! HEHEHE

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