Jared Dracsaldrizes

Dragon Auror

I am a 24 year old Dragon Auror Chief with the goal to lead the first ever new elite unit of dragon partner Aurors all around the magical world.

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In my days of Hogwarts I was sorted into House Slytherin many years later after the Second Great Wizarding War. It was the year of '04 during my sorting...the decision was a hatstall between 'Ravenclaw and Slytherin' he had whispered to me while resting upon my head. It was my ideal selection that I was sorted into Slytherin and I felt proud to be part of the house that bred the Great Half-Blood Prince Severus Snape! Unfortunately, there was still quite a bit of prejudice towards Slytherin House as a great deal of them united with Lord Voldemort at the time. I was often mistaken and associated with dark wizards who wished to use their powers for evil rather than the progression of the good.

It was one fateful evening whilst I was out with my mates for a drink or two of Butterbeer. I had to leave early to meet with my sister. The next day my mates told me that they stumbledupon a fellow who claimed he needed some help locating his lost wand. When they approached to help him, a couple more fellows came up behind them and stole a few galleons from them after casting a Petrificus Totalus curse. They spit at their solid binded bodies and yelled "filthy Slytherins." Nothing terrible had happened to me, I didn't have a tragic past, I was raised by well off parents, half-blood, a good family, and friends but after hearing that my loved ones were harrassed and attacked, it was because of this incident that I desired to be an Auror.

Various dark wizarding members of society would try their best to enroll or intimidate me into becoming part of their extracurricular activities. It was because of these wizards and witches that I had developed an inspiration for DADA classes as well as Charms, Potions, Flying, and Care of Magical Creatures. My intentions were fully to learn and soak up all information that I desired to protect myself and hunt these evil witches and wizards to make sure they don't hurt anyone else in the future.

In my last year of Hogwarts on a class trip for Care of Magical Creatures, I adventured off into a magical forest to acquire some berries to snack and found a baby dragon egg abandoned. There was evidence of struggle from what I could only assume as illegal dragon trappers at work. Fortunately, they didn't find the egg which I took it upon myself to cradle it in my cloak and took her under my wing as my own. Found out later that it is a Swedish Short-snout and because of me raising it from birth it doesn't have a taste for humans and protects me as if I'm its mother.

Hogwarts Alumni of class '11 and I now have my own dragon and working as an Auror with special permission to ride with my dragon as my partner in protecting the wizarding world at the age of 24, inventing and coining the title "Dragon Auror" four years before at the age of 20.

My greatest strength now as a Dragon Auror is that I have a greater sense of self, proud, cunning, and ambitious to train, create, and form an Elite squadron of Dragon Aurors as the Chief by the age of 28, four more years it will be done. My greatest weakness is my fear of never living to my full potential, that is the issue with dark witches and wizards. They accept their current unfullfilled life situations that they hate so they become tempted by an easier and darker life path to gain the things they do not have.

As I grow older and experience more in life, the most fascinating aspect of magic that never ceases to amaze me is that we witches and wizards have powers any muggle would dream of and kill for and yet nobody has reached their true and highest potential nor tries to because magic makes their lives easier. Many allow magic to control them, but the most amazing thing is that WE control magic.

My dragon Wynters and I have a respectful, trusting, and loving relationship and she and I know how to support each other no matter what. She is very strong, independent, curious, and thoughtful of her actions and self, respectful of human boundaries and rules. Wynters is sometimes short tempered but one look at me and she is calm because she loves me as her own. My family loves her and welcome her to the family, at first it was frightening but with patience and trust they know that she means well. My sister has goals to protect all magical creatures and dragons from villianous trappers and poachers from inspiration of my bond with Wynters and our past story.

This is my story...I am Jared Dracsaldrizes.
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