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I'm a vampire who can tame dragons

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×Faceclaim - Caz fhey or Jagurox×

First name: Taylor
Middle name(s): York
Surname: Jakelin
Age: Human - 19 year's
Vampire - 240 year's
Birthday: January 19th
Gender: Male
Sexuality: gay asf
Relationship status: Hint~ a CERTAIN crybaby
Height: 6' ft

Personality: Brave, ambitous, devilish, caring, kind (depending), and loyal
Likes: Dragons & darkness
Dislikes: sour apples and certain blood types (Also, being in the sun for too long)
Fears: Being alone and forgotten

General intelligence: I'm NEARLY 2 and a HALF centuries old, c'mon!

Hometown: ...
Childhood: Way too long ago
Teenage: Still long ago
Adult: Meh
Past places of residence: ...

Sibling/s: ...
Enemies: Not that I know of..?
Children: ...

Misc.: - I control and tame dragons for a living. If I see that the dragons I control are fit, then I send them back to their natural habitat and into the environment they love. Of course, I have a dragon who couldn't get off of me. Her name is Croaga Veilsha and she's a sweetheart and a very good helper! I also have a barn owl, name Guki, and a tannish wolf name Koli.

Croaga V.



Count Rylim Jakelin

Lady Rosey [Krewlia] Jakelin

Oliver and I

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