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I am Stephanie Lecroix, a Slytherin 11 year old girl. I am a Slytherin through and through. Funny story: When I put on the sorting hat, it yelled, "AZKABAN! I mean, um, Slytherin."
So, my best friends in Hogwarts are Noah Selwyn from Ravenclaw and Nikki del Fuente from Gryffindor. They're my best friends and I couldn't survive Hogwarts without them.
About my backstory before Hogwarts is that I have a rough childhood. My muggle dad was killed by a Death Eater. My mom has Schizophrenia. I am a half-blood witch and PROUD OF IT. This Slytherin luvs her friends. Our stepfather saved us and he lives in Seattle. I am originally from Ecatepec, Mexico. I have a 13 year old brother, Andrew, and a 10 year old sister, Zoe. I had a little brother, Alex, but he was kidnapped years ago. Mess with my family or friends and you'll regret it! About my appearance: I have green eyes (which Noah always compliments me of) and black layered hair, and freckles. People say I should smile more because I look beautiful when I smile. I hate it when my friends do pranks on me or any other student. I have a sense of humor all right, and I am a bit too sarcastic, you just can't enjoy practical jokes when your whole life feels like one.

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