Justice Thain

5th year/Future Auror/Animagus

Hey people! You want to know anything about me read my backstory. If you ever need help ask me. but also hurt my friends and you are official bad news

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- Backstory -

I am 15 years old and I am in Gryffindor. I live in London, England with my brother Cain Riddle . Our whole family is Pure Blood and my brother is the New dark Lord of his gen. I usually try to keep him from hurting others by dueling him whenever he gets out of hand. I formed a group at Hogwarts called JTs Army to keep his death Eaters from wrecking havoc and to keep people in Line. I am Very Skilled in the dark arts and I am an Animagus. My shape Is A huge White Wolf. but I know a spell that can change me into my true animal. It is a Phoenix. Transfiguration and Charms is another one of my strong suits.

Long ago my parents were tortured for information about their college who had secretly stolen something that the death eaters prized. My parents got out of the there alive.... barely. they were sent to St. Mungos for spell treatment, and came home soon after pretty shaken up. My brother and I tried to get the story out of our parents, but they would not tell us a thing. But after that they soon left on a trip and never came back. We are now living with my aunt and Uncle in London, England. But my brother soon went made with rage and left home in search for our parents torturer's. Along the way he must have recruited followers because he has like a million. when we went to Hogwarts I found out they were everywhere. So now I have Been trying to keep his rage under control whenever I can without getting hit with an unforgivable curse. For these past years I have trained myself to be better than him, and I think it is safe to say I am better. My life is simple, and I try my best to do things right. But my brother is cool and we are best bro's so don't be rude to him at all.


Eye Color: Hazel
Hair color: Blond
Skin tone: Tan
Hight: 5'8

-Extra info-

Favorite Color: blue
Favorite Instrument: Violin
Birthday: October 20
Relationship: Still Deciding
Friends: Many ( DON'T HURT THEM )

Wizard Info:

Patronas: Chestnut Mare
Wand: Ash wood with a Dragon heartstring core 12" and Hard flexibility
Blood Status: Pure Blood
I am an Animagus

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