London Lily Black

Student, Animagus

I some friends now! This results in a very happy me

  • Joined April 2018
  • Member of Ravenclaw
  • 28 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • United Kingdom


Main Info
Full name: London Lily Kennedy Felicity Black
Age: 11 years old, but might depend on role play
Birthday: August 31st
Year: 1st year, but might depend on role play
House: Ravenclaw
Height: 5'0
Blood Status: Pure-Blood but doesn't care
Hobbies: Reading, Drawing,
Patronus: Phoenix
Animagus: A gigantic black dog
Wand: Yew Wood, Thestral Tail Core, 12 inches, Unyielding flexibility
Wand and Writing Hand: Left
Fears: Insects, Small Spaces, Being Tied Up, Lots of Tiny Holes, Deep Ocean, Clowns, Heights, Loneliness
Parents: Father- Sirius Black, Mother- unknown
Siblings: None
Pet: Male Eagle Owl named Apollo

Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Grey
Hair style: High ponytail or completely down.
Hair Length: Waist-length
Pale skin with a little bit of freckles and very skinny
Clothes: Never seen wearing skirts or dresses

Reckless and an amazing prankster. Would have gotten into Griffindor if she hadn't been so smart. Also finds time to read and study, which she loves.Always very joking and sarcastic around people.

Things She Likes
Favourite Class: Charms or Potions
Favourite Sport: Quidditch
Favourite Colour: Black
Favourite Book: Oddly enough, a dictionary
Favourite Animal: Snow leopard
Favourite Drink: Butterbeer

London Black lived in the house of Black her whole life. After her father left to Azkaban, Kreacher the house elf had to take care of her. She could do magic since age three, and developed her favorite thing to do: Pranking. She really wanted to go to Hogwarts like her father and finally get a wand. When she received her Hogwarts letter, she was thrilled. The time came for her to leave for Hogwarts, and she met Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ronald Weasley, as well as his brothers. Even though she was not sorted into Griffindor like her father, she loved her house, Ravenclaw.

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