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Every puzzle has an answer. Even those best left unsolved.

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Hello! I am Nana Antal, call me Nana. Or Ana. Or Anne. Or any other derivations you can get of that name. Or any references you can make with it either, I'm not picky. I, uh, am fairly average, I think. I like ice cream, am reasonably talented in several areas, watch way too much anime, and don't get nearly enough sleep. Although, there are some things about myself that most people don't have about themselves...

1: The oxford comma is very important. I don't care whether you're ten, have graduated college,(<--!!) or have dropped out of high school. Use it.

2: While I am coherent through single ideas, my train of thought wanders very easily. I am a big fan of trees, they do good stuff.

3: Never cross me. Few have done so and have escaped actually knowing they've done it, I'm a difficult person to read.

4: I like languages. In fact, languages are one of my areas of reasonable talent. I know more German than anything else, but I dabble in others as well.

5: I to cook and to bake! I don't think I'm very good at either thing, but I try to get in practice when I can.


I don't really have any stuff I'm real anal about, but
I prefer third person
Use proper grammar please
No god-modding
No graphic content on my christian rp
No seriously, keep it PG13 I swear to god
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