Liliana M. BlackThorne

Student, writer, photographer,

Name : Liana BlackThorne Age : 17 Sexuality : Bisexual

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(FIRST KNOWN AS Liana C. BlackThorne)

Liliana BlackThorne was born into a pureblood family, in France. The BlackThorne name is quite unknown to most Brits out there, but the French are very familiar with it. Her father was a wizard born in the calm countryside of Provence (but later got a job in Paris), and her mother grew up in the quiet realms of the beautiful city of Lille, both originating from Persia and Britain. Liliana, along with her little brother Charlie,were raised a peaceful mansion outside the banlieue of the busy streets of Paris. Having to grow up in both the muggle and magic world, they lived with quite a balance in his life. Fluent in both french and English, it was with great joy that she received on his 11th birthday not one,but TWO letters. One from Beaubatons, and one from Hogwarts. Lilia A’s father insisted on her attending Hogwarts, while her mother wanted her to study at Beaubatons. But she chose Hogwarts.
Eventually, she was sorted into the House of Godric Gryffindor, and has now spent over 5 years there.
Her looks, are, quite dazzling. She has jet black hair from her mother, as well as big, doe chocolate eyes, but also the tall, slim, dancer-like body a charismatic personality from her father. His wand is made with Phoenix feather, is 13" long. Her patronus is a switches between a black panther and a pudu deer. She also is, quite the flirtatious type. Often seen in the hallways or the library, she has a bad habit of sneaking out at night. Her favorite spot is down by the lake or up in the astronomy tower, where she sits for hours, writing poetry and plays.
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