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Name: Brynn Ashley Minerva Cox

Age: 16

Abilities: Very skilled in magical cookery, quarter veela

Wand: 11 inches, holly, phoenix feather core, supple flexibility

Build: Slim, a tad muscular, very tall

Sexuality: straight

Job: part time job as a waiter at the three broomsticks

Birthday: 31st October 2003

Siblings: Ramonda Giselle Malva Cox, Prue Chrissie Indira Cox , Joy Kiana April Cox, Monica Harper Kenner Cox.

Parents: Carly Catherine Cox (nee Richards), Mark Robert Cox.

Species: human, quarter veela.

Relationship status: Single and crushing

Appearance: Brown glossy medium length hair, peachy skin and bright ocean blue eyes. A few freckles dotted around her face and an upturned nose

Blood status: Pure Blood

House: Slytherin

Patronus: Abraxan Winged Horse
Abraxans have extreme power. They have a demanding presence, but they are also physically powerful. This leads to the Abraxan doing things to aid witches and wizards. Abraxans radiate a very hopeful vibe. They can be very dark creatures, yet they still attempt to glow in that time. They always look up. Abraxans are very stubborn. They are described as, "Creatures who need to be controlled by a very skilled wizard." and are, indeed, just that. Only the most skilled wizards can control them, as they are hard to work with. They often refuse to do what they are told. Abraxans have a very fine taste. They eat and drink only the finest of things.

Personality: Very Rebellious, Stubborn, Free Spirit, Dislikes Taking Orders, Hates Authority, A wee bit snobbish.

Fears: Being left out, Heights, Her Family, The dark

Ivermony House: Thunderbird

Animagus: Wolf

Boggart: Her Family

Pets: Brown Screech Owl named Forest

Distinctive features: Dominant freckles around her face, quite an upturned nose

Brynn is the youngest of 5 ex Hogwarts students all of whom were Hufflepuff. Brynn's parents Carly and Mark were also Hufflepuffs during their time at Hogwarts. Brynn Ashley Minerva was named after her veela grandmother Ashley, and a distant descendant Minerva McGonagall. Growing up Brynn's inspiration was always Minerva even though she couldn't quite relate. Brynn always felt different from the rest of her family. She enjoyed solitude and liked to read up on unforgivable curses. When she dreamed, she dreamed of one day cursing her parents. The rest of her family believed that Brynn was obviously going to be a Hufflepuff. I mean there had never been a non-Hufflepuff in the family. When Brynn was sorted as soon as the hat was put on her head it shouted Slytherin. She received a Howler that same day saying that she was subsequently disowned by the family and was only allowed home in the summer holidays. Brynn was distraught but she knew that Slytherin was where she belonged. She threw herself into her work and became a top student. Her favourite subjects were charms and magical cookery.

"My attitude will always be based on how you treat me"
"Its easier to say you're mad than admit you're hurt"
"I hate the moment when my anger turns to tears.

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