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Annabeth is shockingly blighted imbecile and a villainous blood-freezing mass of neuroses and pathologies monstrously vulgar loafer and a miserable enema-addicted mass of neuroses and complexes deucedly blighted dunce and a depraved toe-sucking blight upon society unequivocally petty delinquent and a miserable heart-sickening vulgarity to all and sundry cruelly indecent miscreant and a maniacal scruffy-looking proof that evolution can go in reverse monstrously naive ignoramus and a decrepit monotonous solitaire playing delinquent who has delusions of adequacy a woefully corpulent reprobate and a depraved orgasm faking sub-literate simple minded mental midget is a devilishly uncivilized sycophant and a preposterous nose-picking vulgarity to all and sundryis a woefully corpulent reprobate and a depraved orgasm faking sub-literate simple minded mental midget is an abominably repugnant sphincter and a grotesque disease-ridden aberration of nature.")</script></head>


Hi, I'm Double, Welcome to HELL

(∩`-´)⊃━━☆゚.*・。゚ I Will Give You A TextArt Story On Your Comand!
Please Don't Tell Me I Get My Text Art Stories From The Internet
If You Don't Believe I Make Them Myself Then Copy And
Paste It To Google. _---_

Now here's some info about me,read ahead you dirty scums.

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Race:Hispanic, American.



Name In Real Life:Austin, only call me that if we're good friends.

Friends:Brooklyn , Athena, Appia S.C.Driftie
Wilhelmina Aubrey Riddle , Danisha.

Bestest Of Friends:Indigo, Zeno and Nova Elliot (AKA) Rhi.

My blocked by Annabeth friend: Ava

Someone That Feels Like Family: Zack.

Relationship Status: idk


Sexuality : Straighter than the pole your mom dances on.
Take note that i might say gay stuff to you.

If you get butt hurt then don't talk to me.

Emotions:DIckish, Smartass, Rude, Nice ,Caring(SOMETIMES)

NickNames:Dr, Egg, Shovel, Eggie, Egg, Dou, McEggie, McEgg, dust catcher, Eggman, doubly , SALAMANDER, EggiePoop and last but not least,fuck off Egg.

Appearance: Brown Long Hair, Skinny Jeans, Button Up Shirt, Hispanic American

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