Via Ravenclaw

Werewolf / student / friend

Hi! Im Via, i hope to be friends. I hope you dont mind im a werewolf.

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I am Via Ravenclaw.
My mother is a witch and my dad is a muggle. The sorting hat almost put me in Gryffindor, but it decided on Ravenclaw. I am also a werewolf, but sometimes you can see my ears, even when there is no full moon. I have a brown, tawny owl named Willow, and my favorite subject is Transfiguration or Defense against the dark arts. Id love to be your friend and i like to RP. I am a direct descendant of Rowena Ravenclaw. I love to read!
Name: Olivia Ravenclaw
Family: Judy Ravenclaw, Rick Eledems
Hair: brown, long
Fav. Animal: cat, owl
Dream career: Auror
Patronus: black and gray wolf
My eyes change color to show my mood:
Brown : content
Yellow: curious
Green: mysterious
Purple: happy
Blue: sad
Red: angry
Pink: love
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