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I was sorted into Slytherin and took the Sorting Hat only a few seconds to make that desicion, as I had a few qualities of Ravenclaw too. The Sorting Hat made that selection because my nature and behaviour matched the requirements of the Slytherin house. I like all the classes, especially Defence Against the Dark Arts and Transfiguration. There is no class I like the least and I enjoy all of them.

I am a Pureblood but it didn't help me very much with gaining the information about the Wizarding World, as my parents live in the Muggle World and they believe in passing just enough information to me about our world. They think it would be wiser and better for me to gain all the knowledge on my own. I wasn't present during the time He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was in power but if I had been there it would have been informative and adventurous.

My greatest strength is my ability to do wandless and non-verbal magic alongwith the fact that I gain knowledge from everywhere and use it for my own good. My greatest weakness is that it's hard for me empathise with others and that I'm afraid of the dark. I'm not quite sure what I'd do after school, maybe become a teacher at Hogwarts or an Unspeakable at the Ministry of Magic.

The most fascinating aspect about magic is magic itself. The power we have of doing almost anything with the magic in our veins is the best thing that could ever happen to is witches and wizards.

I would obviously use magic to further my own ends but would also use it to help those who are worthy.

I do not own any pets as I don't trust animals very much. My family only consists of me and my parents. Though, I do have numerous cousins and aunts and uncles, we three live in our Manor alone, except for a house-elf who goes by the name of Ela. We have no disagreements and we live quite harmoniously.
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