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admin: ethan (he.him) , leo , gay , i also like memes

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((admin is a male {he/him} bitter asshole with no friends that enjoys dishing out sarcastic comments and hiding in his bedroom out of his terrible anxiety and depression but he's nice and gay and still a giant nerd))

Sorted into the rich and ancient Slytherin was Atticus Evan Clarke (born to Mary Clarke (nee Holt) and James Clarke) at 11. Nothing special and was a pretty normal choice. However, Atticus yearned to be in Ravenclaw, drawn to the creativity and importance of knowledge. He enjoys Defence Against The Dark Arts best as he views his well being as a great priority and loathes Transfiguration as he views it as 'boring'. A pureblood and while he likes bragging about it at times, he really treats everyone else equally and with a fair sense of respect, judging them based on intellect rather than blood purity. His greatest sense is being able to stay calm in stressful situations. An ISTJ and he wants to develop his magic to help benefit the wizarding world, seeing this as a great way to be respected and go down. He enjoys reading, drawing and theorizing in his free time. He's attracted to Muggle ideologies and his deepest insecurity is not being liked. He's also awkward, introverted and clumsy with the stubbornness of a camel and cracks under peer presssure. His pet is a toad who he named 'Jason TOAD' after a famous muggle comic book character Jason Todd. He wants to be a Healer when he grows up.

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