Athena C. Murphy

4th year, Eaglefang

Friends with Kaelynn... :3 also I'm KIRA XD (Kiro and Athena) Deal with it!

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(Student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry)

Name: Athena Carter Murphy
Age: Depends on rp
Patronus: St. Bernard
Wand: Birch wand with Phoenix feather core. Firm flexibility
Blood status: Pure-blood/ Blood traitor
Relationship status: In one for Yule Ball...(Matt Jacobs <3) But if it's okay with Y'all, I would be in one with Ron Weasley...:T

Description for Trio era: Well, it's not the easiest being a 4th year at Hogwarts, especially with all the exams and Voldemort running around loose...I am in the House of Gryffindor, and at the age of three, my mum and dad (Victoria Lin Smith and Carter Bay Murphy) were killed by Voldemort. I have a scar like Harry Potter's on the back of my neck, for the same reason. (The Avada Kadavra curse or the killing curse...) Me, Harry, Ron, and Hermione are great friends though. My favorite subject is Care of Magical Creatures, and I love Hagrid (My Godfather and professor at Hogwarts.) and his Hound Fang. I am very close to Dumbledore as is Harry. Anyways, about the sorting hat...Well, I chose over 3 houses. First Ravenclaw for intelligence I suppose, then Slytherin because I have a little bit of "Voldemort " in me...And finally, Gryffindor where I got sorted at last.I have an Elf owl named Ari, and a Bulldog named Rufus, which are both VERY beloved pets of mine. I was born in Greenwich, London and have no sisters or brothers, and my only living family(Not by blood, he's my Godfather) is Hagrid...My Patronus is a St. Bernard...Anyways...I don't necessarily know it, but I have a long lost brothers as well...I like Ron & other way around...UNLESS you do NOT like that arrangement and think I should leave it as it is, (Personally, I don't agree with Ron and Hermione. It doesn't WORK!) Just tell me! It won't hurt my feelings!! I got other RP people too... check them out!

Name for Marauders era: (Still) Athena Carter Murphy
Age: STILL depends on RP
Patronus: Eagle
Blood status: Pureblood/Blood traitor
Relationship status: Meeza like Severus. Severus likez meh. We just don't mention it...

Description for Marauders era: My Marauder name is Eaglefang....(NOICE) My backstory is the same except for the whole Voldemort thing, um...Idk how my parents died, I live in an orphanage...Still in GRIFFINDOR! And I'm proud...I turn into an eagle because I'm an unqualified anagmus like everyone else. My Patronus is also an eagle...Ima Marauder...That's it...;-;

Name for Cursed Child era: Claire Granger-Weas
Age: 11 (1st year!!!)
Patronus: St. Bernard
Blood status: Pure-blood/Blood traitor
Relationship status: Single

Description of Cursed child era: I am the third and youngest child of Hermione Jean Granger and Ronald Billius Weasely. My siblings are obviously Rose and Hugo, both of who are older than me. I hope to be in Gryffindor and I'm good friends with Lily Evans Potter Jr. Her brother, Albus, Is quite a troublemaker. I've heard odd rumors about time-turners and...nevermind. My Patronus is a Saint Bernard and I still have the same pets as before. I'm a kind-hearted person, and I love animals and nature and such. So yeah... OR!!
Athena Carter Murphy-Weasley
Age: Do you really need to know? I mean seriously. *Eyebrow wiggle*
Blood status: Pure-blood/blood traitor
Relation status *Cough* Here (As a kid) I'm single -_-

I am an adult, and (As I said in Trio era, only if you want everything perfect like it is in the book, and you DO NOT want this) I *Ahem* Marry Ron Weasley. I'M SORRY! HE'S SO LOVABLEEEE!! xD But yea. In that case, our children would STILL be rose and Hugo...*Ahem* Murphy-Weasley. Yup.

Lila Finn Hernia
Hair: Pale/blonde
Eyes: Blue as a lake
Age: 16
Muggle or witch?: Witch at Hogwarts
Sexuality straight
Race: Britain
Blood status: Muggle-born
Species: Human

Bailey Audra Singee
Hair: Blonde and flowing
Eyes: A beautiful green
Muggle or witch?: A witch at Beauxbatons
Sexuality: Straight
Race: French
Blood status: Pure-blood
Species: Two-thirds veela, the rest human

Jennifer Varley Lucas
Hair: Jet black
Eyes: A dark, dark brown
Age: 14
Muggle or witch?: A witch...ish...
Sexuality: Straight
Race: American
Blood status: Muggle-born. I mean I AM a muggle...ish...
Species: A werewolf

Jackson Sam Andrews
Hair: Dirty blonde
Eyes: Hazel
Muggle or wizard? A wizard at Hogwarts
Sexuality: Streight
Race: Britain
Blood status: Pure-blood
Species: Human

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