Brooklynn WhiteThorn

Whatever suits me at any time.

Hi, I'm Brooklynn WightThorn, I am technically half Ravenclaw half Huffulpuf. Things I love: books, friends, music, The Flash, writing, school.

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Hey, My name is Brooklynn WightThorn, I love books, music, dance, I would like to be an actress someday.
My favorite color is either blue or red. My favorite Tv show is either Backstage or The Flash. My favorite song is either Evermore, form the 2017 Beauty and the Beast, or Rainbow, from the movie Leap! (aka Ballerina). My favorite movie is either The Greatest Showman or Thor: Ragnarok. My favorite book in the HP series is either the Fifth one, one of the more sad one and better-written ones or the seventh, also one of the more sad and better writer ones. my favorite actress/actor is Grant Gustin or Emma Watson (or maybe possibly Tom Felton). I like to read adventure stories, romance, and sometimes science fiction. I tried to find the closest anime picture resembling me, my hair is slightly shorter, and my eyes are slightly bluer. I have been trying hard to make a book as well as I can, I also like to sometimes write poetry (though I sound like a robot when reading it).

I am working on writing a book, and I would like some Ideas 'cause I don't want it to be cheesy and boring, also if you would like to be in my book I am willing to put some of ya'll in, of course, I'll change your name, but if you just post some things about you on my wall or owl me, I'll try to ad you in some sort of way. Heres the description:

Evelyn Marie May, a fourteen-year-old girl gets a strange jar when her Gran dies. The Jar holds three Magical people, an evil sorcerer, his young apprentice from over five hundred years ago, and a teenage boy from the fifties. Not knowing what it holds, she opens the Jar. The two evil sorcerers escape, and with the help of Damian Roe, the teenaged boy, Evelyn goes on an adventure in her own town, to stop Merlin and Morgana from destroying the world.
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