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Monroe Ives is a halfblood Ravenclaw born to a muggle princess and a wizard commoner. However, Ro detests her royal heritage which is why when she turned 11 she begged her father to send her to Hogwarts instead of Beauxbatons. John Ives agreed, and Ro took the Hogwarts Express to her new life, where she was sorted into Ravenclaw. However, the pink haired dutchess has had some trouble adjusting to the lesser charmed life at wizarding school. She doesn't regret her decision, though.


Ro's face claim is Rena Lovelis
her age/year depends on the RP
she's bisexual but with more of a leaning towards women


John Ives, father
John is from a long line of Gryffindors, so when he was sorted into Hufflepuff it was a surprise to his family, even given his passive nature and his acute ability at finding things. Once he graduated, though, he left the wizarding world for a little bit to find love. He found it in the Princess Rhea Cecile of Greece, who he fell in love with and eventually married.

Princess Rhea of the Greek Isles, mother
Rhea never knew about the wizarding world until she met John. She is a muggle princess of the islands of Greece. However once she found out about it, she agreed that her child would have to have education in magic if they proved to be a wizard. Rhea pushed for Ro to go to Beauxbatons since it was closer to Greece than Hogwarts is, but Ro refused.

Duke Baden Ives, brother
Baden is younger than Ro and very quiet. He prefers staying inside and reading above playing outside with the other boys his age. Baden is eight years old and the apple of Ro's eye. He was the only thing that wavered her decision to go to Hogwarts.
*Baden's age doesn't change

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