Rosalyn Black


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Name: Rosalyn Andromeda Black
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Nice, friendly, usually caring, but when something’s bothering her you’ve gotta watch your shit.

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Backstory: Everyone thought that the Black name had died. Everyone assumed that the Black name had died. They were wrong. What they didn’t know, well, was that Sirius had had a child. Her name was Rosalyn Black. She was sent into the Muggle world by her father, in hopes that she would one day end back up at the wizarding world, at Hogwarts, at where she belonged. Where she truly belonged. And she did! Rosalyn was living with her adoptive parents, and they welcomed the idea of having a witch in the family. It was odd, how Hogwarts knew there was a magical being awaiting their letter, without any knowledge of the school. Rosalyn was treated like a muggleborn, a professor from Hogwarts apparated to their village and explained. She learned that she was the daughter of Sirius Black. She was sent to Platform 9 3/4, and is now a first year in a world of magic, and sorted into Ravenclaw. Rosalyn is finally where she belongs. (Still a pureblood!)
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