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RP Profile:
Name: Astēr Otto Midniht (Astēr and Midniht - Star and Midnight in Latin)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
House: Ravenclaw (I know it says Hufflepuff but it's Ravenclaw)
Date of Birth: November 18, 2001 (17 years of age)
Place of Birth: Australia
Animagus: Black cat with a purple tint to the fur
Patronus: Black cat
Backstory: Astēr Otto Midniht was born in Canberra, Aussie, in the year of 2000. Astēr always had a trouble with fitting in; most of the students teased him for being awfully tiny, and to top his strangeness off, he felt a strange connection towards felines, and spent most of his day playing with a black stray, called by the name of 'Midnight'. He was always too advanced for school, and actually fell behind because he was always done with his work first; thus, he spent the rest of his class period drawing cats, and missed heavy information because of this.
Over the years, Astēr fell in love with everything about cats, to the way of their grace, to their inky black pupils, shining in the moonlight like freshly-polished obsidian. He and Midnight grew very close over the years; they thought of each other as "companions", likely as brothers. As night rolled around, Astēr was walking home with Midnight. They stood side-by-side, walking in silence, until Midnight spoke. Unlike the usual "meow", Astēr heard something much more... the cat said, "Beautiful night out, isn't it?" Astēr froze, terrified.He turned to run away, a sudden pang hitting his bones as hard as a baseball bat. Astēr collapsed, unable to run any further from the hurt in his body. He opened his eyes only to find he was much smaller, and that Midnight was looming over him, licking his nose in an attempt to comfort. He bolted upright, for some reason, not able to sit up straight like he used to... He looked down only to find he had cat paws, short-sighted vision, and a tiny, flicking tail.
To this day, Astēr is a 7th year, applying as a prefect, and an advanced animagi; though half of the time he does only partially transform.

Human Form:
Half-Human Form:
Cat Form:


Hey dudes, I'm just gonna make this like my unprofessional profile, so here are some things about me.
- Galaxy
- Toast
- Midnight
- Star
- Purple Poopy (Dunno how this came to be, thanks a BUNCH Lillian >:0)
(That's all I have for now :P)
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