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Mother: Single mom, Muggle.
Father: A wizard...we think.

A string of one night stands lead to my conception. My mom was crazy in College. It was her first year, and she didn't know what else to do. Giving me up was never a thought in her mind. We think that we know who my father is, based solely upon who I am. We think he may be a wizard, only due to the fact that I am a witch. Well, that and my mother did remember seeing one of her one night stands use a spell to light the candles in his room.

Now, I may be in my first year, but I am a bit older because of where I lived. Canada. There was some controversy between Magic Schools as to which one I was eligible to attend. Finally due to the commonwealth, it was finally resolved, so I packed my trunk and here I am, at Hogwarts. Eight years late.

To this day we are unsure as to who exactly my father is, but we definitely suspect that he is a wizard. It is unusual for a witch to be born of two muggles, and also because my mom knows one of the men she went out with had an affinity with magic.

I am also clueless as to the goings on of the wizarding world, I never grew up knowing anything, and I could never find any information based on it.
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