sarah miller

first year student

hello I'm Sarah miller I'm in hufflepuff I also have adhd and asd so at times I may be very hyper any who nice to meet you I hope we can be friends

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---> All About sarah <---

NAME: Sarah lee Ann miller

BIRTHDAY: October the 8th
GENDER: female

.Sarah has electric blue eyes, that are always full of childishness, tenderness and imagination. She has light mousy blonde hair and (usually) uses a high ponytail hairstyle. She is 4'5 feet tall. even though she is a pure blood on weekends or whenever she's allowed to you will find her wearing her favourite black muggle clothes. but you will also catch her wearing her school clothing with pride as she loves being in hufflepuff.

BLOOD STATUS: pureblood

HOUSE: Hufflepuff

WAND: Apple wood with a unicorn hair core, nine inches, surprisingly springy

INTERESTS: writing, charms, flying

Sarah lee Ann miller was born in Aberdeen, Scotland on the 8th of October in 2006. Her father,
Sebastian was a pure blood wizard and her mother, Evangeline miller nee Percy was a pure blood witch. She spent her early childhood with her grandmother and grandfather as she was the first born female heir in six generations on her fathers side. and she was being taught the proper way an heir should behave. however that didn't stop her rebellious streak as she took any opportunity to wear boyish clothes and embraced the muggles way of fashion. During the summer following her becoming eleven, her and her family received a letter to say that she was accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. so as she was Setting off for Hogwarts on September 1st, Sarah was Sorted into Hufflepuff House by the Sorting Hat. her adventures and her mischievous spirit has just began. she also has two pet cats called mischief and mayhem there both Persian kittens mischief is black and white while mayhem is grey and white and there both a handful of trouble

Sarah also believes in second chances and the ability to change. however that is often her downfall as people will use that to their advantage and betrays her trust. however she is also very vindictive and is not afraid to pull pranks as revenge because as a badger she is nice and kind and kind of adorable but if you go against her she will destroy you. most times however she is mild and timid just don't make her upset

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