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Witch, Alchemist & Animagus

Go Slytherin! I love cats, potions and dark arts (the dark like a hobby).

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Go Slytherin!
I studied at Hogwarts. Slytherin house of course. I was not "someone" in particular but neither I'm "no one". Creator of the SSS [Secret Society of the Snake], a dorm like a secret common room within the common room.
Registered Animagus as a Domestic Cat (black with violet eyes). Although not very docile. My patronus is a Firefly. My wand is ebony with dragon center.
I dedicate myself to magic painting (and other magic art stuffs, I make magic brushes with hair of creatures, the best is the unicorn mane. I spent some time also learning to make wands, my brushes are like a kind of wand.). I have portrayed a few important characters of the last time. The potions are mine. I'm an avid alchemist, you have to be to prepare the magic pigments. Of course I'm interested in the Dark Arts. Like a Hobbie!
Before you ask, yes, some people accuse me of being a Death Eater (It's something you have to carry when you're in the house of the snake, you know), I do not confirm it, but I do not have to deny it, it's fun when you're unpredictable for people, when you provoke some intrigue. I do not own the Dark Mark, but I do not deny that I admire certain things about Tom Riddle, as well as others from Slytherins, such as Severus Snape and Merlin.

About my linage,
In my family there is a bit of everything, I have decided that my name will be my new lineage. I was born with a certain power of convincing, that even gives me a little fear, so I avoid looking a long time in the eyes of someone, my parents say I am like a kitten that can not resist, but my ex-lovers say that I am like a hypnotizing cobra o viper. This helps me to know when someone is lying (My ex-lovers say the truth with all their hearts -only about the cobra/viper, the rest was lies-).
The name of my family I reserve, only for the close people and the known ones. But I have excellent parents that I want to show off: My mother is an Herbologist and Arithmancer dedicated to the production of magic cures for beings and creatures, both altruistically and commercially, as a young witch she worked at IMTSB (International Magical Trading Standards Body), her raids to the Goblins were legendary (she says raids, but what she did were exhaustive audits, she did not miss a single ill-informed knut), and this way she met my father who was also a Ministry worker, who had some position in the ICW (International Confederation of Wizards -besides Guardian in the Quidditch team of the office- ok dad I wrote it) was professor of History of the Magic, and Magic Music and headmaster of a pair of magical institutions in our lands in South America. He is still engaged in research about Magic History and Magic Music. I have brothers, and nephews and nieces, and a lot of cats.

I come to update the knowledge because for some years I suffer from poor memory retention because one of my cats (Isis) jumped to work table, mix my potions and threw them on me. Luckily it did not go any further. Strangely it made me look younger. Anyway I do not want to be confused about jars. Nor forget that I am human while I am turned into a cat. So I will take all the courses that are important to remember.
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