Nephele Eloise Roth

Magizoologist and Artist

Hello! Some may remember me from a few years ago as Warren Malfoy-Whitten, but he's now a secondary character! My life changed, so I'm trying something new!

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"Everything you can imagine is real."  - Pablo Picasso


- New Character (Primary Character Currently) - 

Name: Nephele Eloise Roth

Nickname: Nellie

Age: 18 (Varies)

Sexuality: Lesbian

Status: (IRL) Taken

* S/O is okay with me doing romance RPs

Gender: Female (She/Her/They/Them)

Nationality: German


Wand: Rosewood, Phoenix Tail Feather Core, Surprisingly Swishy Flexibility, 10 ¼”

Amortentia: Sea Salt, Coffee Beans, Lavender

Animagus: Kodiak Red Fox (Cross-Fox, Black and Red Variant)

Patronus: Tiger

Boggart: Unknown


- Floral Prints down each of her sides and hips

- Florals and Greenery just under/across her collarbones

Occupation: Magizoologist/Dragonologist (How she meets Warren)


Black and White Maine Coon - “Pepper” (Female)

Black Ferret - “Caspian” (Male)

Nephele Description: Vitiligo (Generalised; macules/patches are primarily present on forearms/hands, lower back and stomach, her legs, and her face. Her eyebrows and eyelashes have partially turned white due to it), Dark Green Eyes (though the left one is significantly lighter as it has lost some of it pigment), Fiery Red Hair, 5'9, Thin/Willowy figure


- Secondary (And Original if you remember me) Character - 

Warren Lyon Malfoy-Whitten

Nickname: Blue 

Age: 18 (Varies)

Sexuality: Complicated (Depends on RP)

Gender: Male (He/Him)

Nationality: Danish

House: Slytherin 

Wand: Ebony Wood, Phoenix Tail Feather Core, Unyielding Flexibility, 13 ½”

Amortentia: Rosemary, Honeysuckle, the Ocean

Animagus: Black Wolf

*Also a Werewolf

Patronus: Threstral

Boggart: His Father


- Black Dragon Tattoo across his back and up the nape of his neck

Occupation: Magizoologist/Dragonologist


Barn Owl - “Cinder” (Male)

Albino Great Dane - “Scorpio” (Male)

Black British Shorthair Kitten - “Moose” (Male)

Warren Description: Pale Blonde Hair, Arctic Blue Eyes (Typically, see eye colour chart), Sometimes Glasses if he forgets his contacts, Tall (6’3), Lanky yet Toned


- Warren Eye Colour Chart -

(His Eyes Shift Colour depending on mood.situation)

Crimson - Werewolf

Amber - Calm/Happy

Yellow - Animagus

Light Green - Embarrassment/Nervousness

Icy Arctic Blue - Natural Eye Colour

Navy - Sad

Pink - Love

(Other eye colours can occur, but they aren’t known yet)

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