Fenix Syrus

(Ф ﻌ Ф)

A mantle passed from warrior to warrior.

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<center><font color="#800000" font size= 6> Donovan Fenix Syrus</font></center>

<font color="#800000">⌖ Overview ⌖</font>
⊶ Name: Fenix Syrus
namesake: heir to the dark red throne
⊶ Birth: On September 17th
⊶ Origin: Wakanda
⊶ Gen-ID: Hetrosexual
current status: in a relationship with Adenine Mallory

<font color="#800000">⊶ Descendants:</font>
+ arlo fenix syrus jr, the oldest.
+ luna madeline syrus, the kindest.
+ idris michael syrus, the only one who looks like me.

<font color="#800000">⌖ Exterior ⌖</font>
⊶ Features: ( to be added )
⊶ Attire: Always changes. Only consistent piece is a brown bracelet around his wrist.

<center><font color="#800000">⊶ Wizardry Stats ⊶</font></center>
⌖ Wand: Wenge wood, Dragon Heartstring core,
14 inches, Supple.
⌖ Familiars: Black cat named Anubis.
⌖ Patronus: Jaguar.

<center><font color="#800000" font size= 4>⤙ a e s t h e t i c ⤚</font><center>

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