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Haruhi Fujioka is a highly intelligent 1st-year student from a middle-class family who attends Ouran Academy on scholarship based upon an entrance exam. As she is required to remain first in her class to keep her scholarship, her studies are very important to her. However, after two years at Ouran, her father and she ended up moving to England, where she finally decided to attend Hogwarts (which she had been offered at 11 but turned down.)

Two characteristics that define Haruhi are her straightforward nature and her belief that one's gender doesn't define one's choices. She displays more practical and responsible qualities and is not easily swayed by the charms of those who attempt to flirt with her. Haruhi also has a deeper voice than other female students, has short hair and dresses androgynously most of the time. Thus, she is not easily recognized as female.

Although she may be unflappable under normal circumstances, she suffers from brontophobia (a fear of thunder), which terrifies her to the point of paralysis. Apart from this, she tends to have a peaceful nature, refuses to shirk work and is crazy about gourmet food, especially ootoro aka fancy tuna. Without such bribery, however, Haruhi is described as "apathetic," especially when it comes to making decisions. She is also rather oblivious when it comes to her own emotions, an unfortunate thing in some moments, but extremely helpful in others.

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