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Stella's parents were both Muggles. Her father, Martin Hedge, was a Sergeant in the US Army and spent his days fighting in Afghanistan. Growing up, Stella had always wanted to join the military as well, but as a doctor instead of a soldier, which made bonding with her father amazing. She was his favorite and let her do anything (under his supervision, of course) Her father died when she was ten years old, on the day before his birthday. She was told that her father's leg was blown off and that he lost too much blood before anyone could help him. Because of this, Stella began feeling psychosomatic pains in her own leg and has walked with a slight limp for most of her life. After her father died, she became moodier and more withdrawn, so her mother took her to see a therapist. She suggested that she keep a daily journal and write about what happens to her. She still has the journal, but doesn't write in it too frequently because "nothing happens to her".
When she got his Hogwarts acceptance letter, her mother was extremely skeptical at first. She eventually let her go after major persuasion from Albus Dumbledore.
Stells was sorted into Hufflepuff and became a fairly average student. She was a good student, but not the best, and never got in major trouble. She wasn't the most social girl, but she was likable enough to make some friends.

Mother- Amy Hedge
Father- Martin Hedge, deceased
Sister- Harriet "Harry" Hedge, a Muggle
Growing up, Harriet had always been a bad influence on Stella. She (Harriet) was rebellious and a tomboy, well practiced in the art of taking advantage of her younger sister. When she was 15, she started drinking and soon became an alcoholic. As of now, she doesn't have a very good relationship with her.
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