Raul Plaza

Student, future runologist

Spanish Wizard, expert in dark arts and duels. Currently trying to translate every lesson, so that every NES is able to learn as we do

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Raul Plaza, I was born in Madrid, Spain; in 1998. I am pure blood, both of my parents were wizards, but they have been in a secret jail in Spain a few days before I went to Hogwarts. They were obsessed with dark magic, and as I say "extremes are not so good", they used dark magic without control, well, they are better in jail, if you don´t know how to use it, you should stay in the "boring" size.

Well, you might be asking why I went to Hogwarts if I am from Spain. If you don´t know (probably most of you), spanish wizards have to go to Beauxbatons. Due to my family background, which is extremelly related with dark magic, I couldn´t go to Beauxbatons, I wasn´t allow to go there, but I was not going to be in a muggle school, because my parents discovered the existence of a strong dark magic in Scotland. We decided to move to England, next to the train station where I had to take the train to Hogwarts.

As soon as we arrived to England, they discovered the powerful dark magic that lived there, and they became crazy trying to dominate all of it. Because of that, now they are in a jail, hide in Spain. Since that, I have been living alone. Like my parents, I feel attraction to dark magic, but I am no stupid like them.

I think dark magic don´t have to be "bad magic" at all. As an example, what could happen if you look directly to the sun? Light can hurt your eyes, while darkness could be so comfortable. You don´t have to be afraid of dark, you have to be afraid of what is inside the darkness, so I really think that you don´t have to be afraid of dark magic, but you really have to be worried about wizards who have no control with that type of magic.

With that thoughts in mind, I´m trying to instaurate a dark arts subjects in the school, only avaliable at sixth and seventh grade, because like Dumbledore said: "Dark magic is also knowledge, it souldn´t be destroyed". I´m also trying to clean the reputation of Slytherin, not all in Slytherin are stupids trolls with an empty head. You may be asking why slytherin had most of the evil wizards? Ambition, we like power, and dark magic is so powerful, and it could be so helpful,unless it dominates you.

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