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Melody was born on a warm fall night in Brisbane, Australia. She was born on the 19th of May 1993 in her childhood home. She had her mother's smile and father's beautiful blue eyes. Her parents loved her from the moment they heard her first cries. Melody was a happy baby who rarely fussed or cried. She always seemed to be content or lost in own little world.

Up until the age of three, Melody was an only child. That changed on the 27th of July 1996 when her twin sisters Abigail and Abetha were born. Melody was extremely excited to learn how to care for them. She learned quickly and was able to help her mother care for them. Her favorite thing to do was feed them. Her mother would feel Abigail and Melody would feed Abetha. Melody loved both of her little sisters and couldn't wait to watch them grow up.

Melody had a lot of fun and beautiful memories with her father. Her favorite memories were the rainy days or nights. During the spring, Brisbane would receive a lot of rain. Whenever it was raining outside, Melody's father would take her outside and dance in the rain with her. Depending on long the rain lasted, they could spend hours outside. Rain turned into Melody's favorite kind of weather. The rain harbored exciting memories for her. She hoped these memories would never leave.

First Magical Experience

At the age of six, Melody had her first magical experience. She was drinking a glass of water when it suddenly froze over. She ran to her parents and told them what happened. They were thrilled that Melody was showing signs of magic. They immediately sat her down and told her about Hogwarts. Melody was so intrigued and listened to their every word. Her father brewed up a Laugh-Inducing Potion. While her father wasn't looking, Melody drank some of the potions. As a result, Melody laughed uncontrollably for 10 minutes. After the potion wore off, Melody's mother showed her a few charms and spells. From that day forward, Melody counted down the days until she could attend Hogwarts. She was excited to learn magic and be around people her age.

Melody didn't just have beautiful memories with her father. Her mother provided lots of beautiful memories as well. Her mother was a very talented singer. Melody would spend a lot of her free time singing with her mother. Melody's voice developed quickly. She enjoyed singing with her mother. She wouldn't trade that time with her mother for anything else in the world.

Melody will never forget watching her little sisters' first magical experience. It was a rare occasion when both her father and mother worked at the same time. Unfortunately, that was one of those days. Since her sisters were only four years old, she wasn't expecting anything crazy to happen. Melody had just finished helping her sisters clean up their toys. She turned her back for two seconds. When she looked back, all the toys were flying through the air. Abigail and Abetha were dancing around waving their arms around. Melody told her parents the second they came back home. They were thrilled that all their beautiful little girls had magical abilities.

Melody's Accident

On the 3rd of August 2000, Melody and her family took their annual family vacation to Los Angeles, California. This year, they planned on visiting a few beaches, eating at a few new Muggle places, and going to a studio where Muggle movies were made. Muggles had always fascinated Melody. She was excited to learn more about them and their culture. While they were driving to the beach, they got in an accident. Herself and her father were severely injured. Before her mother had a chance to get them to St. Mungo's, Muggles were calling the police and people called paramedics were showing up. They took Melody and her father away to a Muggle hospital. Melody's mother tried everything in her power to take them to St. Mungo's but failed. She had to put her faith in Muggles to heal her family. After a few hours, Melody's father woke up after a few hours and was showing signs of recovering. Melody, unfortunately, was not. After about a week, Melody still hadn't opened her eyes or showed any signs of doing so. The Muggles suggested letting her go. Melody's parents refused to give up on her. After another week of no progress, Melody's parents didn't lose hope. Melody's mother spent the majority of her time with Melody in the Muggle hospital while her father taught himself healing magic. Another few days passed and her father was ready to try and heal her himself. After a stressful 15 minutes passed, Melody opened her eyes. The Muggles were baffled at her quick and sudden recovery. They observed her overnight to make sure nothing else went wrong and then sent her home. Melody's little sisters were by her side two weeks after they got home. Melody loved her family and was glad she was okay.

A few months after Melody's family "vacation" her mother announced that she was pregnant. She knew the gender of the baby and challenged Melody and her sisters to guess the gender. Whoever guessed it right would receive a chocolate frog. Melody was thrilled. She ran upstairs, grabbed a piece of parchment, and tore it up into three pieces. Melody guessed the baby would be a girl. Abigail guessed the baby would be a boy. Abetha guessed the baby would be a turtle. Melody knew Abetha would be a funny girl as she grew. Her mother had found a fun Muggle way to reveal the gender of the baby. She filled a giant black balloon with either pink or blue confetti. When her mother popped the balloon, blue confetti went flying everywhere. The baby was a boy! Melody didn't get a chocolate frog that night but she didn't care. She was excited to have a baby brother.

Now that Melody was old enough to understand pregnancy, she could help take care of her mother. She loved helping her around the house and the extra responsibility she had with her sisters. She enjoyed taking care of her mother and couldn't wait to have a baby brother.

June 3rd, 2001 was the day Melody's baby brother Edmond was born. All the excitement Melody had when her sisters were born was coming back. All she wanted to do was hold him. She loved the feeling of having a baby around the house again.

Because of Edmond being a newborn baby, Melody's family decided to cancel their family vacation. Melody was quite relieved. The last thing she wanted to do was travel again. Instead, they decided to rent a condo on the beach and stay there for a few weeks. Melody loved the beach and the beach they were staying at was her favorite. She was outside all day every day with her sisters. She spent the nights inside with her mother and father. She took care of Edmond and helped keep the condo clean. One afternoon while Melody and her sisters were outside, it started to rain. Melody's sisters immediately ran inside. Her father immediately ran outside and danced with Melody in the rain for hours. She was glad she had an enjoyable family vacation.

First letter from Mordred

On February 9th, 2002 Melody received a letter that turned her life upside down. Normally, she read all the letters she received with her parents. This time, she felt the need to read it on her own. She was glad she did.

Dear Melody Santos,
You do not know who I am but I know who you are. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mordred. I am your older brother. Now I am sure you are wondering why you don’t remember me. It is for reasons I do not have time for or care to explain right now. Before you get too emotional let me just say that it is not in any way your fault. I am in a tough place and need your help. First I must tell you a story. The story of why you or mom and dad don’t remember me.
As you very well know Muggles don’t know about the wizarding world. If they ever found out many dangerous things could happen. That is why I am writing you this letter. They did find out. Let me explain everything. When I was eight years old (you would be five) mom and dad left us alone with two Muggle boys named Tony Manderfield and Layne Drake. Now Tony and Layne were very nice guys. Mom and dad trusted them and they trusted us to keep our magic secret. Somehow, someway, they found out about the magical world. They wanted to learn more and they knew they couldn’t do it in front of mom and dad. So they did the worst thing possible. They kidnapped me. They took me away from you, mom, and dad. They took me far away. I don’t know exactly where I am but I know I am far away.
I’m telling you this because after all these years I finally feel brave enough to try and escape. That being said, I need you to keep this quiet. You can’t tell anyone about that. Not even mom and dad. I don’t want to get anyone official involved. Who knows what they might do. All I need from you is money. Food and money. Please send these to me every month. More than that will make them suspicious.
I must go now. I will update you as often as I can. I love you sis.
All my love, Mordred, your big brother

She was forced to keep this a secret. Her older brother was out there suffering and she couldn't tell anyone. She hoped she could help him escape. She hated the thought of her own family being alone.

As months passed, Melody continued to send food and money to her brother. It was hard to sneak food while her family wasn't looking. Melody ended up doing extra chores around the house to get money. Whenever her mother or father confronted her, all she could do was play dumb. She hated lying to her family. She did it help her brother. That's all he asked of her. It was the least she could do.

Christmas of 2002 holds a special place in Melody's heart. Not only was it her first Christmas with Edmond, but it was the first Christmas with her father. For reasons still unknown to Melody, her father left during Christmastime. For the first time in her nine years of life, her father was there. She loved her father being around during the holidays. He brought holiday cheer to the house that she never felt before. The best about the whole thing? It rained on Christmas day. The rain only lasted five minutes, but those five minutes were amazing. Melody never forgot this Christmas.

Healing Magic

Ever since the accident three years ago, Melody's father made it his life goal to professionalize in healing magic. He worked with Evan Pandel in order to achieve that dream. Evan Pandel was a well-known healer in Melody's distant family. Around Melody's 10th birthday, her father offered to take Melody into work with him. Melody always loved the idea of healing magic and accepted his offer in a heartbeat. The first thing Melody's father did every morning was used Floo Powder to get St. Mungo's. Melody had a lot of experience with Floo Powder. That wasn't new to her. What was new to her was St. Mungos. The place was huge! It was unlike anything she had ever seen. Everyone looked so busy and important. Melody loved watching Evan teach her father healing magic. The part that stuck with her the most was watching them heal a young boy who had been hit with the Cruciatus Curse. Melody never learned the boy's name, but she hoped he would live a good life. From that point forward, Melody knew she wanted to specialize in healing magic.

On the twin's 7th birthday, Melody's parents decided it was time to teach the twins about Hogwarts. Of course, Melody sat and watched. She was interested in anything that had to do with Hogwarts. She loved watching her little sisters learn about Hogwarts. Their eyes lit up in a way she had never seen before. Their excitement radiated off of them. Melody couldn't wait to attend Hogwarts herself. She became even more excited when she realized she would spend four whole years at Hogwarts with them. Unfortunately, she wouldn't be able to attend with Edmond but she knew they would all do great things there.

Another letter from Mordred
Around Halloween time, Melody received a letter from her brother that filled her with hope.

Dear Mel,
Tony and Layne haven't been noticing the food or money you have been sending me. Please keep it up. I'm saving up this money to buy a ticket to ride on a plane. No time to explain what that is now. All I can say is that it will get me home. I've felt much healthier and stronger because of the food. Thank you. Unfortunately, I haven't figured out how to escape yet but I am making progress. It's slow, but I will escape. I'll come back to our family. I must go now. All my love, Mordred, you big brother

Melody finally felt that her brother would return home safely. Most of his other letters were graphic and she didn't care to read them again. She still kept them for evidence in case he ever wanted her to turn to someone. All she wanted was for him to come home and escape this nightmare.

In March of 2004, Melody and her family started to hear weird noises that came from the attic. After three days of these strange noises, they finally decided to start investigating. Upon investigation, Melody's parents discovered a Ghoul living in their attic. They tried every spell and charm they knew to get rid of the Ghoul. Unfortunately, the Ghoul wouldn't move. He was extremely stubborn. After another few days of attempting to remove the Ghoul, Melody's parents decided to get the Ministry involved. Melody and her family decided to go on vacation until the Ministry dealt with the Ghoul. After hours of debating, Melody and her family decided to visit St. Petersburg, Russia. Melody was ecstatic to visit a city in Russia. Besides traveling to California and London, Melody hadn't seen much of the world. She was excited to go and see all the beautiful new sights and culture.

Melody and her family had been living in St. Petersburg for a month and a half. When her parents said the Ghoul was stubborn, they meant it. Even the Ministry was having troubles getting it out. At this point, Melody didn't care. She was enjoying her time in St. Petersburg. The people were fun to be around. Both magical and non-magical. Melody wasn't the biggest fan of weather, but the sights made up for that. The Church of Spilled Blood was beautiful. The architecture was something Melody had never seen in Australia. She loved to sit and watch all the bridges open to let the ships move through. Everything there was so much different than Australia. Another sight Melody loved was Peterhof Palace which was just outside of St. Petersburg. Her favorite place in all of St. Petersburg was The Winter Palace. She couldn't get over how beautiful it was. All she wanted to do was sit and stare at it all day. She loved Russia, but she was also excited to go home. She hoped the Ghoul would leave soon.

After another two full months in St. Petersburg, the Ministry was finally able to get the Ghoul to leave the house. Melody and her family returned home almost immediately. Melody loved being back home in warm Australia. The first thing she did was swim in the pool with her sisters and brother. Swimming was her favorite thing to do with her siblings. She forgot how much she missed it. She also enjoyed the fact that there was no Ghoul around to bug them.

Acceptance to Hogwarts

The day Melody received her acceptance letter to Hogwarts was one of the best days of her life. For five years, she had been counting down the days until she could attend. That day was becoming closer and closer. Her letter, made it feel more real. The next day, she was off to Diagon Alley to buy supplies. Melody loved everything about Diagon Alley. She had never been around so many witches and wizards before. All the different smells, sights, and energy was so intriguing to her. After picking out her robes, books, and getting a small treat, it was finally time to get her wand. Melody will never forget that moment when she walked into Ollivander Wands. After attempting nearly seven different wands, Melody finally hers; a Willow Wood wand with a Unicorn Hair center. From that moment forward, Melody treasured her wand. She never let it out of her sight. The best part of the whole trip had to be when her mother stopped her in front of Eyelops' Owl Emporium. She looked Melody straight in the eye and told her to pick out any owl she wanted. Melody had never felt more excited in her life. She was going to have her very own pet owl. Melody picked the first owl she laid her eyes on. A beautiful Eagle Owl. She decided to name him Arthur. Melody couldn't wait until the day she left for Hogwarts.

September 1st, 2004. The day finally came. Melody was off to King's Cross Station to go to Hogwarts. Melody's entire family was there to see her off. They helped her carry all her books and supplies to platforms 9 and 10. After hugging her sisters, brother, and mother she ran full speed into the wall between platforms 9 and 10. When she opened her eyes, she saw the biggest most beautiful train she had ever seen in her life. There were students dressed in robes with pets of all kinds. Melody felt her heart pounding in her chest with excitement. Her father suddenly appeared behind her. He helped Melody gather all her stuff and told her where to go. Melody hugged her father goodbye and hopped on the train. She ran all the way to the back where there was an empty place to sit. She was a little nervous to socialize with everyone. The place she sat in looked like a place most students avoided. It smelled funny and the seats were all torn up. Melody didn't care. All she wanted was to arrive at Hogwarts. She knew the ride would be long, so she brought along her favorite Muggle book to read. King Arthur and Legend of his Knights.

Life at Hogwarts (Year 1)

Melody will never forget arriving at Hogwarts. The lights coming from the castle bounced off the lake creating a beautiful atmosphere that took Melody's breath away. Hogwarts was even more beautiful than she imagined it to be. After a quick walk around Hogwarts, Melody and the other 1st years arrived in the Great Hall. Melody knew it was time for the sorting ceremony. Melody was both excited and nervous for the sorting ceremony. Her mother, Esmeralda, was sorted into Ravenclaw during her time at Hogwarts. Unlike her mother, her father, Gorlois, was sorted into Hufflepuff. Melody ignored all the snickers coming from the other students in the Great Hall. She focused on herself and herself only. Once her name was called, she walked up to a single chair sitting at the front of the Great Hall. The Sorting Hat started talking the second it was placed on her head. "Ahh, Melody Santos! I remember your Esmeralda. She was a Ravenclaw. I see you are wise like her, but you are also loyal to your father. Hard decision... Hard decision... GRYFFINDOR!" A cheer arose from the Gryffindor table as Melody had been the first Gryffindor announced that night. Melody ran over toward the Gryffindor table and was warmly welcomed by many of the students. She knew she would have a great year.

As time passed, Melody found that magic wasn't as easy as it looked. Maybe it was the fact that she was taking eight different classes. She took Transfiguration, Potions, Muggle Studies, History of Magic, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Charms, Herbology, and Flying. Melody's mother and father excelled at Hogwarts. She wanted to live up to those standards she felt were set for her. Melody's favorite classes were Defense Against the Dark Arts, Muggle Studies, and Potions. Although she enjoyed most of her other classes, those really stood out to her. She enjoyed Potions for the class itself, but Muggle Studies and Defense Against the Dark Arts had her favorite Professors. Mindy Rydel taught Defense Against the Dark Arts and Analiese Skinner taught Muggle Studies. Melody felt a special connection with her Professors and hoped to become closer to them as time went on.

Meeting Ailey Saunders


The 19th of May 2005 was Melody's 12th birthday. It was her first birthday at Hogwarts and away from her family. She was a little nervous at first, but her fears faded away quickly. She received gifts from students she didn't even know. Students she thought didn't know she existed. She even received a few gifts from her Professors. The most important ones being from Professor Rydel and Professor Skinner. Professor Rydel gave Melody a chocolate frog. It was a simple gift, but it meant a lot to her. Professor Skinner gave her some goblin-made earrings. To her surprise, they matched her favorite outfit perfectly. This made her realize that the people of Hogwarts knew more about her than they thought she did. From that day forward, she felt more confident about her place at Hogwarts. She felt like she could make new friends and couldn't wait to do it.

Exams week was a really stressful time for Melody. Taking eight classes was something she regretted. She had a hard time with the sleepless nights that seemed to be filled with endless studying. All she wanted was to go back home to see her family. The recent friends she made really helped her get through. She was so glad she had so many amazing people around to support her. After lots of hard work, Melody passed all of her exams with "Outstanding." She was so proud of herself and couldn't wait to tell her parents all about it.

The trip home from Hogwarts was much more enjoyable. Melody didn't sit on her own in a musty compartment. This time, she sat with her friends. They chatted, laughed, and ate sweets the entire way home. Melody was so glad Ailey helped her break out of her shell that night they met. Without that, she would most likely be sitting back in the musty place she sat in on the way to Hogwarts. She loved all of her new friends and was excited to see them again in September.

Summer (Year 1)

The summer after Melody's first year at Hogwarts was even better than she dreamed it would be. Both her sisters and baby brother had grown so much during the nine months she was away. Edmond had turned four years old while Melody was away. She brought him various treats from Hogsmeade as a present. Her sisters would turn eight in a few short weeks. How could time move so quickly? Melody had forgotten how much singing with her mother meant to her. They spent at least one day each week singing together all day. She continued to watch her father as he studied healing magic. Without a doubt, she knew healing magic is what she wanted to study. Melody couldn't get over how amazing it was. She wanted to help people just like her father and his trainer. She thought about that boy they saved every single day. She wanted to do that herself. She promised herself every day that she would work hard and be a healer.

On her sisters 8th birthday, Melody woke up early to prepare. She decorated the entire house with red and orange streamers. Melody knew very well that Abigail's favorite color was orange and Abetha's was red. She wanted to make sure this day was special for the both of them. She spent all morning decorating, wrapping gifts, and baking sweets. Melody knew that both Abigail and Abetha loved Snickerdoodle cookies. She hoped that didn't change while she was away. After hours of hard work, she took a step back to admire what she had done. Streamers were hung all over the walls and ceilings. Red and orange balloon were floating around the room and lying on the floor. There were two gifts for each twin personally wrapped by her sitting on the table. She could smell the freshly baked cookies sitting on the counter. She was very proud of herself and all of her hard work. She will never forget how excited her sisters were when they ran downstairs and saw everything. Their eyes lit up with that little sparkle that always made Melody smile. Melody's family spent the entire day together celebrating the twins. They were growing up so fast. They were becoming so smart. Their knowledge blew Melody away. She couldn't wait to spend four years at Hogwarts with them.

For the first time, Melody's mother allowed her to sing with her group of friends. Every Wednesday night, her mother got together with a group of friends and sang at a Muggle establishment. Melody had seen her perform a few times, but she never had the honor of singing with her. They spent an entire week preparing a song called "Count on Me." Apparently, that was a really popular song in the Muggle world. Melody loved spending all that time with her mother. She especially loved performing with her. From that day on, Melody's mother promised that during the summer, Melody could perform with her at least once a month. She was ecstatic to continue this special tradition with her mother.

Life at Hogwarts (Year 2)

It was once again September 1st. Melody was on her way to Hogwarts for her second year. King's Cross Station and the Hogwarts Express were just as amazing as she remembered. On the train ride there, she decided not to sit with her friends. She decided to find that lonely first year sitting all by themselves and sit with them. She wandered to the back of train; looking in each compartment for anyone sitting alone. As she walked back, she saw Ailey and gave her friendly smile and wave. It had been too long since she saw her. She wanted to sit with her, but she wanted to find someone alone. She knew how big of a difference that could make for someone. Once she made it to the back of the train, she saw the all too familiar scene: a lonely first year sitting all by herself. Melody immediately smiled and sat by the first year. She introduced herself and the first year immediately warmed up to her. Melody could tell that just as much as a hello could make the biggest difference. Melody learned that the first year was named Lyanna Rydel. Lyanna lived in London with her mother Mindy and father Dymirus. Lyanna just happened to be the daughter of the Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor. From that moment forward, Melody and Lyanna knew they would be very good friends.

This year, Melody decided not to take eight classes. She would go insane if she had to deal with all that studying again. After cutting back her classes, Melody took Transfiguration, Potions, Muggle Studies, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Charms, and Herbology. She quickly found that six classes were much easier than eight. She was still a little cramped on time, but not like she was the previous year. She was passing all of her classes without any stress or worry. She was making new friends and was becoming closer to her favorite Professors. She knew her second year was going to be a good one.

A letter for Mordred

Just before Christmas arrived, Melody received another letter from her brother. This time, it wasn't about his current situation or how he was doing. It was about her. Mordred would always try to ask how Melody how she was doing, but she knew there were a lot of things on his mind. She didn't expect to see it every time. He had been so much better at that recently. He seemed more concerned about her than he was himself. This made Melody nervous. Were things getting so bad that he didn't want to tell her? Melody was terrified to ask. She knew she had to. First, she decided to focus on the questions Mordred asked her.

Dear Mordred,
My second year at Hogwarts is going well! I met a lot of new people. You already know about Ailey. I think I've told you everything about her. While on the train, I met this girl named Lyanna. You remember the Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor right? That's her daughter. We've grown pretty close over the past few months. I'm even starting to grow closer to her mother. I'm getting closer to the Muggle Studies Professor too. They are both really sweet. I think you would like them. Maybe you can meet them once you're home.
Christmas is going well. I love Christmas at Hogwarts. The spirit in the air is something I never felt at home, even with dad around. Sometimes I wish I could go home for Christmas. Then again, I am really bad with goodbyes. It's probably best for me to stay at Hogwarts. I don't mind though! The Great Hall is breathtaking on Christmas day. I really want you to see it. I know you will someday.
Mordred, I need to ask something. Lately, you've been so focused on me. You haven't told me about yourself. I want to know how things are going. Yes, it's scary I won't lie. I would rather know what's going on. Not knowing is so much worse. Please tell me. I want to help you as much as I can. Like I've told you before, I am studying healing magic. I will even be taking Defense Against the Dark Arts during all my years in Hogwarts. If I have to come save you myself, I will. I want you to be safe. I love you and I care. I really do. Until next time, Merry Christmas.

Meeting Colin Mardson

During Valentine's Day, Melody received an anonymous Valentine. She read it over and over. After days of reading, she still couldn't figure out who it was from. She eventually gave up and decided to rub it off. If whoever wrote it couldn't even approach her, what was the point of trying? That day at lunchtime, a third-year boy approached her. He didn't say anything. He just stared at Melody. All Melody could do was stare back. She couldn't put her finger on it, but that boy looked extremely familiar. After an awkward staring contest, he plopped a Valentine on Melody's lap and ran away. After reading the Valentine, Melody knew who the boy was. He was the one who sent her the anonymous Valentine. Melody spent the rest of the day trying to find the boy again. When she finally found him, she learned his name was Colin Mardson. Colin was an incredibly nice boy. Melody hoped to grow close to him during their time at Hogwarts together.

Melody loved everything about Hogwarts. The friendly people, the fun classes, and even the food. Her favorite part about Hogwarts was watching the Quidditch games. Her friend Lyanna really enjoyed watching them as well. She was going to try out for the Hufflepuff Quidditch team the following year. Melody had thought about playing Quidditch, but she really wanted to focus on her career as a healer. Maybe Quidditch could be a hobby for her in later years.

One morning in early April, Melody heard about a duel between two of the staff members at Hogwarts. To her relief, she didn't recognize them. As a second year, she assumed they were teachers of a class she couldn't take yet. She woke up early and followed them to an area of Hogwarts she had never seen before. She found a place to hide where they wouldn't find her, sat back, and watched the duel. If it weren't for her brother, she would have never watched the duel. It was gruesome. How could two people hate each other so much? Melody hated watching two people fight to the death, but she learned a lot of spells that would help her fight for her brother is she had to.

Once again, Melody passed all her exams with "Outstanding" grades. She was so proud of all her hard work. She knew her parents would be too. She took one last quick walk around the castle before she left. She wanted to make sure she knew that place like the back of her hand. Abigail and Abetha would be joining Melody at Hogwarts in September. She felt it her duty to show them around the castle. She remembered how nervous she was her first year. She was late to a lot of classes and become lost easily. She didn't want her sisters to go through the same thing.

Summer (Year 2)

The second Melody arrived home, her sisters starting asking her about Hogwarts. What kind of classes could they take? What house is the best? Who were the best Professors? What should they study? Melody took the time to answer each of their questions. She wanted her sisters to succeed at Hogwarts and go into something they loved. After a few weeks of talking about classes and careers, they finally figured out what they wanted to do. Abigail wanted to be a Potioneer. Abetha wanted to be a Professor of Transfiguration. Melody knew both of her sisters were smart enough to achieve their goals. She couldn't wait to watch them learn and grow.

The time came once again for Melody to sing with her mother at a live show. This time, they chose to sing a Muggle song called "Fight Song." The night they performed was the best night Melody had in a long time. Not only did she get to perform with her mother again, but her entire family was there to watch. The most applause came from her little brother Edmond who had been training to sing himself. Melody was thrilled to hear that her brother was interested in singing and couldn't wait to perform with him one day. It seemed that night couldn't be any more perfect; until it rained. This time it wasn't just her father who danced out in the rain with her. Melody's entire family danced in the rain all night long. Melody loved her family and was happy she had them.
br/> The day finally came for Melody's sisters to go to Diagon Alley. The first place Abigail wanted to visit was The Apothecary. Abetha wanted to take a look around Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes. After they both took a look at their favorite shops, they bought their robes, supplies, and wands. What Melody loved most about wands is that they were all so different. Abigail's wand was made out of maple wood and had a Kelpie hair core. Abetha's wand was made out of mahogany wood and had fairy wings in its core. Melody was so excited to attend Hogwarts with her sisters. They had such a bright future ahead of them. Melody couldn't wait to watch it happen.

Life at Hogwarts (Year 3)

Out of both of her years of traveling to Hogwarts, her third year had to be the best. Watching her sisters' excitement about everything warmed her heart. They sat together on the ride to Hogwarts and ate lots of sweets together. Abigail and Abetha continued to ask questions on the train to Hogwarts. Were the students nice? Just how big was the castle? Should they be nervous about the sorting ceremony? What was the food like? Melody answered all of their questions and watched their excitement grow. After hours of riding the train, they finally arrived at Hogwarts. The first years were whisked away to walk around Hogwarts and Melody walked to the Great Hall and sat at the Ravenclaw table. She watched as the nervous first years entered the Great Hall. She waved at her sisters and gave them a thumbs up. Abetha was the first to be sorted that night. Not to Melody's surprise, she was sorted into Hufflepuff. Abetha was warmly greeted by all the students in Hufflepuff. Melody noticed that she sat next to Lyanna. She hoped they would be good friends. Shortly after Abetha was sorted, Abigail was called to be sorted. Abigail was sorted into Ravenclaw! Melody was excited that her sister would be joining her at her house. She was nervous that Abetha was left alone, but she knew she would do a great job and make a lot of friends quickly.

The time finally came for Lyanna to try out for the Hufflepuff Quidditch team. Melody spent the entire week prior to tryouts building her confidence. Melody knew she was ready. After a few days of anticipation and waiting, Melody found out that Lyanna made it on the team! As a member of the Ravenclaw house, she would be cheering for her team, but secretly, she would also cheer for Hufflepuff. Melody was proud of Lyanna and couldn't wait to watch her play.

Another letter from Mordred

Just before Thanksgiving, Melody received another letter from her brother. He finally followed up on the letter she sent him last Christmas. Melody had sent many letters over the past year. That was the longest Mordred had gone without responding to her. His letter didn't make her feel much better, but she was glad he was alive.

Dear Mel,
I'm sorry for the delayed letter. Things have been rough here. I've tried to escape many times and was met with failure. The reason I want to focus on you is that I hate to talk about things here. I don't want you to worry about me more than you have to. Yes, things are scary here. Yes, it has been rough. I won't lie to you. I will escape. I will make it home back to our family and we will live the life we were supposed to. I won't share recent details with you. I want to protect my sister. Besides, you don't need to know. You need to focus on your studies. Speaking of that, how are the twins enjoying Hogwarts? I hope they love it as much as you do. What Profession are they going into? Do they know yet? Do you want to be a healer right? Let me know how all of that goes.
I must go now. I promise I won't wait this long to write you again. I love you, sis. Your big brother, Mordred

Melody wished with all her heart that Mordred will tell her what was going on. All she wanted to do was help him. She was continuing to study dueling magic in her spare time. She would watch any duel she could and took detailed notes. She would get her brother back, even if she had to do it herself.

About halfway through Melody's 3rd year, she noticed that Abigail seemed quite stressed. When Melody questioned her about it, she changed the topic of conversation and put a smile on her face. Melody knew better than to believe that. After weeks of trying to get her to talk, Melody sat her down privately and finally got her to speak. Abigail told Melody that she was failing potions class. She couldn't quite get the hang of it and hated herself for it. Melody knew that potions were not an easy class. She was surprised she continued to pass it herself with such a great grade. Melody sat with Abigail that night and gave her a bunch of advice. She really dug deep to help Abigail understand she needed to do. After a few weeks of practice and hard work, Abigail began to pass potions class. She was even one of the top students in her class. Melody was proud of her sister for working hard and bringing out her full potential.

It was early Spring and Melody had a free day all to herself. She decided to spend it wandering around Hogwarts, the grounds, and even the Quidditch Pitch. While wandering around the Quidditch Pitch, she found something very interesting. There was a small crawl space underneath one of the Hufflepuff stands. Melody felt comfortable under there for some odd reason. She couldn't explain it even if she tried. She just sat and looked out at the pitch. Eventually, she fell asleep. When she woke up, the sky was dark and it was raining. With no hesitation, she ran out and started dancing in the rain. To her surprise, Colin joined her. Apparently, Colin loved the rain as much as she did and ran to the Quidditch Pitch when it did rain. They spent two hours out there together talking and dancing. Melody was so glad she met Colin. Melody really liked him and hoped their friendship would become something bigger one day.

It was once again exams time. Melody studied hard to ensure that sure passed all of her classes. She gathered with her siblings and friends for studying exams every night leading up to exams. After exams ended Melody learned that herself and her siblings passed all of their exams. The lowest grade amongst them was "Exceeds Expectations." Melody was so proud of herself and her siblings for working hard all year and succeeding.

Abigail and Abetha talked about their first year at Hogwarts all the way home. They talked about the friends they made, their classes, the fun nights in their common rooms, and so many other things that Melody loved listening to. She knew they would love Hogwarts, but she didn't know they would love it this much. They couldn't wait to come back the next year and study harder to achieve their career goals.

Summer (Year 3)

Over the summer, Melody introduced Colin to her parents. Her parents immediately fell in love with Colin and invited him to stay at their home for the week. Melody Colin spent every single day together. They went to Melody's favorite beach to build sandcastles and swim in the ocean. They also went to a fair which a lot of fun Muggle games for them to play. They spent a day reading Melody's favorite book, "The Legend of King Arthur and his Knights" together. They spent another day reading Colin's favorite book, "The Outsiders." Melody hated saying goodbye to Colin after their week together was up. She counted down the days until she would see him back at Hogwarts.

Melody spent a lot of extra time with her parents that summer. She didn't know why, but she enjoyed it! Melody's father taught her how to bake his favorite food Muggle style. Her father loved pumpkin pie. He believed it tasted better-baked Muggle style. Melody knew that if she ever had access to a Muggle kitchen, she would bake a pumpkin pie. Melody and her mother spent a lot of their spare time singing together. At special times they would even sing with Edmond. Melody was impressed at how quickly his voice was developing. He had a great voice for a five-year-old. Melody couldn't wait to watch his voice develop even more as he grew. She knew she would spend a lot of her time singing with him and her mother.

A few weeks before school started, Melody's parents surprised her and her siblings with a trip to Venice, Italy to visit her sisters and their children. Melody had a big family on her mother's side. Her Aunt Kathleen who married Mark Hinder had three children. Her oldest, Lance, Lucella, and her youngest Nina. Her other Aunt Diana who married Troy DeWinter had two children. Her oldest Fabian and Percival. Melody loved spending time with her cousins. She even had the honor of meeting her Grandfather, Donovon Mydell for the first time. Unfortunately, she never had the honor of meeting her Grandmother, Fawn, who passed away three years earlier. She loved meeting her family and hoped she would be able to meet everyone on her father's side someday. She didn't get her hopes up. Her father never talked about his family.

Life at Hogwarts (Year 4)

The time finally came to leave for Hogwarts again. Melody and her sisters had packed a week prior to leaving and were the first to get to King's Cross Station. Melody's sisters ran on the train to sit with their friends. That year, Ailey pulled her into the train to sit with her. It was Ailey's last year at Hogwarts and this made Melody really upset. Ailey had been such a great friend to Melody. She hated to see her leave. She was glad she got to spend four of her years at Hogwarts with her.

After the sorting ceremony, the Headmaster told the school about the Triwizard Tournament. Just then, students from Durmstrang and Beaubextons arrived. They joined the students of Hogwarts. Melody felt her excitement and nerves grow. She didn't want to see anyone she cared about hurt.

Abetha's Illness

A few months after school started, Melody noticed that Abetha was acting funny. She was sleeping more and having trouble talking. Melody's concern grew for her as each day passed and her symptoms grew worse. She finally sat her down and tried to talk with her. At this point, she could barely speak. After sitting with for a while, Abetha fell asleep in her arms. She decided to run to Colin and ask for his help getting her to the Hospital Wing. After some hard work, Melody and Colin finally got Abetha to the Hospital Wing. After the nurse examined her, she told Melody that Abetha needed to get to St. Mungo's immediate. Melody felt her panic grow as the healer would not tell her what was wrong with Abetha. Colin forced Melody out of the Hospital Wing and took her back up the Ravenclaw Common Room. Melody sat up most the night filled with worry. She still hadn't hurt anything about Abetha. Colin sat by her side all night. Eventually, Melody fell asleep. She was awoken by Colin brushing the hair out of her face. He told her the nurse sent her a letter that just arrived. Melody sat up to see Arthur sitting behind her. Melody slowly opened the letter and read it. Her heart broke after every word she read. Abetha had somehow come down with Spattergroit. A letter had also been sent out to her parents regarding the issue. Melody cried for what seemed like hours. She feared Abetha would never be the same again. Colin was there for her all day. They skipped all their classes and spent the entire day in Melody's special spot underneath the Quidditch Pitch reading Melody's favorite book together again. Melody appreciated Colin and everything he did for her. She knew they would remain close friends throughout their lives. Besides the fear of Abetha never being the same again, the hardest thing for Melody to do was tell Mordred about her. She didn't want to burden him with the knowledge of Abetha's illness, but he was her brother. He had the right to know. She hoped to hear back from him soon. She hoped Abetha would recover soon. So hoped the year would turn around soon.

As the time came for the students to be selected, Melody hoped no one she knew would be chosen. From Durmstrang Dylan Normandy was chosen. From Beaubexons Ciara Winter was chosen. From Hogwarts, Jack Boot was chosen. Melody felt her heart drop to her chest. Jack Boot was her best friend’s boyfriend. She would hate to see him hurt. She knew Ailey would be a mess. Melody prepared herself for anything that may happen. She promised Ailey she would be there for her no matter what happened.

Triwizard Tournament Event 1


Melody finally heard back from her brother about Abetha. His letter filled her with hope. She loved her brother with all her heart.

Dear Mel,
You know better than anyone that Abetha will be alright. You've seen what goes on at St. Mungos. Our father is a healer. You know he will never give up on her. You've seen what he can do. From what you have told me, Abetha will be up and better again in no time at all. Don't lose faith. That is what I admire most about you. Your faith and hope that everything will turn out in the end. Don't lose that, Mel. Everything will be alright.

Two months had passed and Abetha wasn't looking any better. Mordred sent her another letter updating her. Things were only getting worse. She was losing her hope as time went on. She felt so empty. She felt lost and alone. Her best friend, Ailey Saunders noticed her strange behavior and sat her down to talk. While trying her best to keep her emotions in, Melody couldn't hold it any longer. She completely broke down in front of Ailey. She told her about Abetha. The fact that she wasn't getting any better scared her to death. What if Abetha was never the same again? Melody pulled out her journal in front of Ailey- which she never did. That journal contained every letter from Mordred. It also contained a story she was writing about him. of course, she changed the names and few other details, but writing out the situation and imagining a happy ending made her feel like her brother could have the same happy ending. Ailey was there for Melody that entire night. She listened to Melody's every word. Just having someone who listened to her made her feel a little better. It was that moment when Melody knew she and Ailey would be friends for a long time.

Triwizard Tournament Event 2


Around Valentine's Day, Colin took Melody out to the Quidditch Pitch to spend the day together. Eventually, he sat her down and gave her a small gift. Melody was shocked to see a book about King Arthur that she had never read before. Melody and Colin immediately started to read the book together. They were about halfway through when they decided to stare at the sunset for a few minutes. The entire sky was a mixture of beautiful pinks, oranges, yellows, and reds. Just as they were about to start reading the book again, Colin pointed out someone walked towards the Quidditch Pitch. The person was really far in the distance, but Melody couldn't help but feel like she knew who it was. As the person grew closer, Melody noticed it was definitely female. After a closer look, she noticed it was her sister Abigail. She smiled and started walking up to her as well. Melody then noticed something strange. Abigail's hair was long. Abigail kept her hair short and rarely let it grow past her shoulders. That's when it hit her- that wasn't Abigail. It was Abetha. Melody ran up to her sister and hugged her a very long time. Abetha told Melody that she was mostly healed. She still had trouble remembering a few things and didn't remember most of her time at Hogwarts. Melody was so relieved that her sister as well. Melody never wanted to let her out of her sight ever again. Melody helped Abetha catch up in her classes. It didn't surprise Melody how quickly and easily she caught up. Not only was Melody happy to have her sister back, Abigail was as well. It was hard for her to be without her twin sister for so long. Melody treasured every moment with her siblings after that. She knew each one of them was precious.

Triwizard Tournament Event 3


Melody went home pretty shaken up that year. All she wanted to do was sit and hug Ailey. (COMING SOON) Her sisters were pretty shaken up as well. In fact, everyone on the train ride home seemed very quiet. Melody sat with Ailey on the train ride home. The last thing she wanted to do was leave her alone. Upon arriving at King's Cross Station and having to say goodbye to Ailey for who knows how long was almost impossible. Melody hated to leave Ailey- especially with how shaken up she was. After delaying their goodbyes as long as possible, Melody left King's Cross Station with her parents and sisters. Melody and her sisters were quiet that night. They stuck together and spent most of their time locked up in Melody's room. All Melody could think about was Ailey and Jack. She wanted more than anything to be by Ailey's side. Melody was sure to send a lot of letters to Ailey offering her support. She only wished she could do more.

Summer (Year 4)

Singing with her mother was special this year. Yes, she did it every year, but after the last year at Hogwarts, it just had more meaning. She spent a lot of her time singing with her and Edmond to try and calm her mind. Melody didn't feel much like performing that year, but she stuck it out. She didn't regret it, but she didn't love it either. All Melody could think about was Ailey. How was her best friend holding up? When was the next time she would see her? Melody continued writing letters to Ailey. She would never stop worrying about her best friend.

Melody didn't see much her father that summer. He was at St. Mungo's most the day and sometimes even through the night. When she did see him, she would ask about Jack. To Melody's disappointment, Jack was not improving. He never got any better. Melody began to fear the worst for him. She thought back to the situation with Abetha. She remembered how it was never knowing if she would return to normal. She knew how scared Ailey must have felt and was still feeling. All Melody wanted to do was make Jack all better, but she knew she couldn't. All she could do was offer emotional support through owls. In her opinion, that was nowhere near enough. She hoped Jack would recover.
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